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Instagram for Event Marketing – Cool Ideas to Boost it

Social media has become the epicentre for marketing be it for usual brand marketing or for event marketing or communications.

Especially, if we talk about event marketing landscape, event planners and event managers are constantly looking for opportunities to promote their event on social media platforms. But not every social media platform is suitable for event marketing. As engagement is a key metric for event marketers, the best social media platform choice for them is Instagram as it has the maximum audience engagement comparatively.

There are many ways Instagram can help your event marketing. So, let’s get started.

Why Instagram for Event Marketing?

Instagram is an immensely popular social media platform where it has over a billion active monthly users and over half a million daily active users worldwide.

The platform is quite engaging, exciting, and interesting for the audience as it is mainly focused on visual content and allows users to easily engage with content.

For many of us, we have see while scrolling that we see a lot of users posting their images and videos of them attending events such as a concert, festival, party, conferences, exhibitions, seminars, etc.

Instagram is a perfect channel for event marketing with immense audience exposure, marketing functionalities, event integration, and much more given that you use the right skills, strategy, and approach.

So here we have mentioned some of the best ideas that you can leverage to boost your event marketing using Instagram.

Ideas To Boost Event Marketing Using Instagram

1. Create An Event Account

The initial step to marketing your event on Instagram is to create an account on Instagram specifically for your event. What this will do is that it will give you a landing place for the interested audience.

Using this account, you can display the necessary information about your event. Add the necessary design elements to apply your event theme to your event account.

You can even add the link to your events webpage in your account bio and can upload images and videos about the event or of the event if it was conducted previously as well.

2. Get Your Unique Event Hashtag

Hashtags are one of the most important thing when you are marketing on Instagram. Brands tend to create their unique hashtag to stay distinctive from others like Coca-Cola’s #ShareACoke or Apple’s #ShotOniPhone.

Similarly, you can create you event hashtags and share you content using the hashtag. Also, you can encourage user engagement & interaction around the hashtag.

This will hugely help your event to be distinctive and will allow easy discovery on Instagram. The hashtags will help users who are searching for such events. Also, these hashtags will later help you in your event promotion as well during the event.

3. Encourage Content Creation Before & During The Event

The hashtag strategy will become pointless if you do not share your branded content about the event or do not encourage the users to share their ideas, opinions, experiences, feedback, suggestions, etc. relating to the event. 

When users will create content, it will work as a word-of-mouth marketing for your event. Also, it will expand your event marketing reach & exposure to a new greater audience leading to an immense awareness creation.

4. Display Instagram Wall In Your Event

Firstly, an Instagram wall is a feed of content that has been collected and curated from Instagram using event handle or event hashtags that can be displayed in your event through digital displays or screens.

Now, when you have created a buzz about your event on Instagram and there is a lot of branded content and valuable user generated content available to you then you can use the Instagram wall to showcase this content during the live events.

You can even use it to drive discussions, promotions, entertainment, and interactions in a live event. This will help you in boosting your event audience engagement, deliver unique experiences, build social proof, and make your event successful.

A social wall tool is the best option to create an Event Instagram wall and it also lets you customize & moderate the content along with real-time updates.

5. Leverage Stories For Promotions, Streaming, & BTS

Instagram stories are a great solution for promotion thus you can use these stories to promote your event on Instagram. You can leverage many customization options & CTA’s to reach & engage the audience.

Also, you can use the live streaming feature from Instagram for real-time marketing of your event and engage the online users to interact & watch your event.

Besides, these stories can be an excellent way to build buzz about your event by showcasing the behind-the-scenes videos and images. It will help in humanizing your event and making it more relatable & realistic.

6. Seek Help Of Influences

Influencers have taken the social media landscape by storm in recent times and Instagram is a hub of influencers. So, you can also seek help of industry-influencers for your event marketing.

These influencers can prove to be extremely helpful in steering the relevant audience to your event which might not be possible with just promotions as users tend to believe these influencers more than the brands.

They can also be great advocates for your event and you can encourage them to promote your event even during the event through live streaming.

Conclusion about Event Marketing via Instagram

These are some of the best ideas & tactics that you can leverage for your event marketing using Instagram. If you use these ideas for your next event, it will hugely help in increasing audience attendance, engagement, and overall results.

It is not necessary that you use all these tactics, instead; you can use the most relevant and suitable ones for your event. So, do not waste much and get started now with your Instagram event marketing.

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