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How to use Wikipedia for your Business In Digital Marketing

Wikipedia has become many things for many people. But, for some, it has become a viable marketing tool, so how is that?

When an average internet user thinks about Wikipedia, the usage of the platform as a marketing tool is one of the last things on their minds. Considering how it is widely renowned as the largest encyclopaedia in the history of humankind, treating it as some sort of promotional platform doesn’t really seem to fit the thought. Yet, there are hundreds of businesses and online personalities who have yielded many results, simply by making their Wikipedia pages.

So, is there a reason why many are jumping on this bandwagon? When you think about the nature of marketing in any sort of medium, you know that marketers and businesses would do anything to find an edge over their competition. In the case of online marketing, Wikipedia just happens to be a tool that provides them with more than what they want. So, in order to understand the platform’s usage and role in marketing, let us dive in deeper.

Use It For Better Online Recognition

One of the major reasons that Wikipedia is being employed in the online world a lot right now is the role that it plays in online prominence. Think about the times you see search results related to Wikipedia whenever you put a query in a search engine. But, to expound on this particular benefit further, let us break it down into four important elements.

Helps Improves SEO

One of the first, and perhaps the most alluring benefit of using Wikipedia is the number of benefits that it can provide with search engines. When you think about traditional search engine optimization methods, it requires you to create content frequently. Moreover, you need to make sure your content is viable enough to be featured on the first few pages of search engines. Now, not only can that be a hassle with a website or a blog, it can cause a lot of stress. However, if you learn how to create a Wikipedia page, you practically have to do nothing except make a profile on it, and the rest comes along.

Establishes Credibility

Whenever a new business gets started in the online world, what is one of its prominent concerns? Is it about garnering an audience? Is it about cultivating customer loyalty? Is it both or is it about becoming a credible name to draw all the benefits at once? You see, in the online world, credibility is the best way to get recognized by your audience, your peers and your market in general. Now, getting featured on the largest encyclopaedia in the world certainly takes care of that and helps you become a prominent figure in your niche.

Viable Online Profile

Whenever you think about creating online profiles for your business, some of the most common names that you might think about our websites, social media and blogs. However, how does getting a page on a platform that offers unmatched online prominence sound? Such is the impact of creating a Wikipedia page as it can provide you with a viable online profile.

Feature Your Achievements

When your business becomes a viable name in the online world, you need to understand the way to convey your achievements to your target audience. Now, whenever a Google user searches for something, they are hoping to find those list of achievements on Wikipedia. So, making a page also takes care of that.

Important Things Before You Begin

Now that we understand the benefits of making a Wikipedia page, it is imperative that we talk about the important things, to begin with. Now, their process of wiki page creation is lengthy and tiresome. But, here are four basic elements that you should comprehend to begin.

Making A Page Is Not Easy

One of the first things you need to get inside your head is the fact that making a page is not easy at all. It requires you to understand many things, but above all, it needs you to grasp the fact that Wikipedia is not intended for what you wish to do with it. So, naturally, making a page on it becomes a difficult task.

Surplus Of Guidelines

When you get started on your way to make any sort of page on Wikipedia, the surplus of guidelines are the first things you need to grasp. However, there is only one minor problem: there is a myriad of guidelines, which can become a hassle to remember.

Wikipedia Doesn’t Endorse Marketing Usage

As mentioned before, Wikipedia is not a platform that endorses marketing. In fact, you will come across the policy that thoroughly mentions that Wikipedia is NOT a marketing channel.

Avoid Biased & Opinionated Content

When you make a wiki page, if you wish to sum it all up in a sentence, then it could be to avoid all bias and opinions towards yourself. Bear in mind that it is an encyclopaedia platform. So, the information needs to be neutral and unbending.

So, How Do You Go About It?

Lastly, let us talk a bit about the procedure that you should follow. While you can find a plethora of articles about the creation process, here are three essentials you need to grasp if you wish to do it right.

Build The Recognition

If you wish to become naturally credible for a Wikipedia page, then the simplest, but perhaps the most difficult way to get there is by becoming famous. However, there are other ways to build recognition and you can find this in the wiki guidelines.

Build Your Sources

Once you think you are prominent enough, you need to build your sources to claim your fame. This will also help you out with your content creation.

Focus On The Creation Process

Last but not least, make sure you focus on the creation process.  Tend to each step properly in order to ensure a swift approval of your page.

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