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Home Technology How to download Youtube videos – 100% Working Trick

How to download Youtube videos – 100% Working Trick

How to download Youtube videos – Found a fun YouTube video and need to download it? we will show you ways with the instructions below. But before we go I think I show clear you that downloading Youtube Video is not legal under the eyes of Law. Downloading videos is taken into account as a violation of YouTube’s terms of service unless the video streaming site has explicitly granted permission to download a specific video.

That said, let’s take a glance at the way to download YouTube videos. This guide features an easy-to-use desktop app referred to as 4K Video Downloader.

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How to download Youtube videos

So to download the Youtube videos you just need to follow the below easy steps: So lets get started

Step 1: Download the 4K Video Downloader app

Head over to the 4K Video Downloader website, and under the heading 4K Video Downloader, select the blue Download button that corresponds to your computer’s OS. This app is out there for Windows, macOS (10.13 or later), and Ubuntu. Once the installer has downloaded, run it to urge the app installed on your computer.

If you don’t have a 4K display, don’t be postpone by the name. this is often one of the foremost versatile and simple-to-use download tools available, and it’ll work with all of your files no matter your computer’s display resolution. The free version of this software has the power to download individual videos at customizable qualities all the high to 4K, has support for 3D and 360-degree videos, and may download subtitles.

There is a paid version that starts at $15, except for downloading an easy YouTube video, the free version will suffice.

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Step 2: Copy the YouTube video’s URL

The next step is the easiest: Just head over to the YouTube video you would like to download and replica its URL from the address bar at the highest of your browser window. With the URL locked and loaded in your clipboard, you’ll close the window or tab of the video.

Step 3: Paste within the URL of the 4k video downloader

Open up the 4K Video Downloader application that you had installed. There’s no got to manually paste within the URL — just click on the Paste Link button within the top-left corner of the menu bar and therefore the software will grab the URL from your computer’s clipboard.

Step 4: Download video Video (Last Step for How to download Youtube videos)

The 4K Video Downloader will take a couple of moments to process the video. Once this process is complete, the app will allow you to choose between different video qualities, formats, and conversions. You’ll even be ready to change where the video downloads; the appliance will construct a special folder for you containing all of your downloaded videos. If you employ a VPN, you ought to note that this specific software uses videos to support your IP address instead of the URL you copied. You’ll get to change your download location to the right version.

Once you choose all of your preferred options, click the Download button. Once you are doing this, a progress page will appear, detailing the dimensions of your download, how briskly it downloaded, and the way much time remains in your download. you’ll pause the download if you would like to without losing any progress. Once your download is complete, I think you are liking this article on How to download Youtube videos.

You’ll select your video from the open page. Search for the three vertical dots on the right-hand side and click on them. A menu will begin with the choice to pick Show In Folder. once you click this, the app will automatically take you to the file location of the downloaded video.

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