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Home Gadgets How to configure my fritz 2400 repeater in easy methods

How to configure my fritz 2400 repeater in easy methods

If you are getting frustrated by experiencing a low speed internet connection or weak zones. Here I am going to provide you with the best solution, The role of the internet becoming more important in those days. If you are using a slow speed internet connection it might create lots of issues. So for internet connectivity there are lots of routers available in the market. But a router is not so capable to provide a wide range so is there any device that can extend your router network? by using Fritz 2400 repeater you can enjoy wide range of coverage.

Yes I am talking about a repeater. By using a repeater you can easily boost your router signals and increase signal strength so Fritz 2400 repeater is one of the best repeaters that provides you a wide range by covering all the tough areas. It will come with additional features, The setup is too easy. To complete the setup you can read the Fritz 2400 manual and easily can do it. So today we are going to discuss some easy methods to configure fritz 2400 repeater

fritz 2400 repeater configuration

WI-FI protected configuration

In this repeater you will get wireless bridge mode. By using this fritz 2400 can easily connect with your router. Then it provides the internet connectivity to third party devices like mobile/pc/laptop and other wifi devices via wired or wirelessly. So here are some simple steps to complete the setup

Place it near to your router and power on your repeater. Connect an ethernet cable for accessing the internet connectivity. Now wait for a while until the LED indicators got stabilized. Press and hold the connect button available on repeater. The indicators start blinking unmannerly. Now your device is ready to establish connection.

Now press and hold the WPS button of your repeater for 2 seconds and release it, Now do the same with your router. The LED indicators will change after connection will established.

Keep in mind – Need to press the WPS button of the router be sure that the time is not more than 2 minutes. After pressing the WPS button of the repeater. Otherwise it will fail to connect.

Now you can place your extender at your suitable place where you want to use and enjoy a wide range of network connectivity.

fritz 2400 repeater Setup using online web browser

To complete this process power on your repeater and open WI-FI icon in your smartphone/laptop and search for nearby active WI-FI networks, here you need to connect with Wi-Fi network, (Network Name or SSID) is available on the label of your repeater. Passwords are also printed connected with it. After connecting, you need to open any web browser in order to complete fritz.repeater login, just type the default IP Address of your repeater or http:// fritz.repeater in URL box and search it, You will redirect on the web login interface.

Here you need to enter the login “Username or Password” the default username and password is “ADMIN”. After entering on the admin portal you will automatically redirect to the setup page. You can follow the UI instructions to set up your fritz 2400 repeater. Don’t forget to change the default login password and note it down on a paper for later login. After completing the setup you can easily enjoy a high speed and wide coverage range.


Fritz 2400 repeater is the best like if you are living in a big house and not getting proper coverage of the network in your room you can place this repeater in the middle room. It will extend the network and you can enjoy wide coverage. comes with many advanced features like mesh wifi function, you can connect many devices in one time without compromising with speed of the internet.

This repeater allows you 1733 mbps in 5Ghz and 600mbps in 2.4GHZ, One gigabit LAN port is available. So this kind of repeater at an affordable price is not a bad deal, the size of this repeater is also small. You can easily take it along with you on travels. WPA, WPA2 security protocols are also available. So At last we can say that this one is the best and go for it and enjoy an endless joy of high speed internet connectivity.

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