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How Many Ways To Bet On Super Bowl Sports?

One of America’s epic games is just around the corner, and most football fans will be tossing a coin, while renowned bettors will be looking for the best bets. But don’t fret; we’ll show you how to bet on the super bowl, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro bettor. We have a variety of Super Bowl bets favorable for each one of you. 

Best Bets on Super Bowl

Now you have a chance of discovering a myriad of betting bets in the Super Bowl event. It may look a little intimidating, but it’s not at all: 


Quite simply, you place a bet on a team you think will win the game “straight up.” As long as that team wins, you’ll win your bet! And you don’t even have to worry about what that margin will be.

Though it’s such an accessible wager, it might not entice professional bettors as the payout can be pretty low when betting on the favorite. Plus, you may miss the full advantage of the spread when betting on the underdog. But if you successfully pick an underdog, you would probably get a beautiful reward.

For example, the Moneyline for the Chiefs is -180, and the Buccaneers is -152. 

What that means, if you place your bet on Kansas, your wager will have to be $180 for you to win $100, giving you a total payout of $280. 

And if you wager the same amount ($100) for the Bucs and upset the Chiefs, you’ll be $252 richer. That’s ($100+$152) 

While a negative number represents a favorite, the positive number presents the underdog. So, any Moneyline with a plus-sign suggests the amount you’ll get if you bet ($100. But you can do more or less of the amount you’re comfortable with.

Against the Spread Bet on Super Bowl

ATS (as usually abbreviated) is a standard bet on the super bowlSportsbooks tend to equalize this bet here to encourage even betting for both sides. For instance, if they realize one team has a lot of bets placed on than the other, they do some balancing by shifting the spread to reduce a significant loss. Therefore, a bettor might find their wager has changed after some days due to this equalization. 

Remember when the betting lines first opened in Super Bowl 2019, during the LA Rams vs. New England Patriot? The Rams were less favorite, getting low bets than the majority’s favorite Patriots, which had so many wagers. The sportsbook had to shift the spread to New England to (-3). But this doesn’t impact the already placed bets.

In the previous Super Bowl 55, the Chiefs were -3 and Buccaneers +3. So, what do these three points spread mean for these teams? If you’re betting on the Chiefs (-3), your chance of winning your bet is when they win by four or more points.

But guess what? When you bet on the Bucs (+3), even if they tie, you’ll still get your cash. When the Chiefs win by the exact points, (push) both sides will get their cashback.

In most spread betting, you’ll find the list of payouts as “-110,” as the payout on spread betting is $1 for every $1.10 bet you place, though this may vary within a specific range. That means you place a bet of $110 to win $100.

Total (Over/Under) Betting

It has to do with the collective score from both teams. For instance, if the oddsmakers predict the score to be 39.5, you can go for the OVER or UNDER. If your guts tell you the total score might be 39 or less, then you take the UNDER. But if you think the score might go from 40 and above, that’s when you go for the OVER.

Unlike the spread and Moneyline bets, O/U doesn’t need you to pick the winner. On the contrary, a bettor predicts the total number of points that their team will score. One of these popular bets is the game total. 

And just like in ATS betting, the game total can as well shift over time. That depends on whichever side is receiving the most amount of money bet. Although pushes are also possible in-game total betting, this can only happen when the total doesn’t involve a half number.

Also, the payout will not always be equal in O/Us, same with the spread. Some of the O/Us may have specific odds on each side of the line. You can expect to see odds such as -110 on the Super Bowl totals line if the action coming from each side is even or close. 

Parlays Bets

Parlay lets you bet on super bowl, with bundle wagers on a single ticket. That means you could use an Over bet, along with several sports props. But the flip side here, each of those bets must win for you to win the entire bet. So, if most of them are successful, and only one loss, unfortunately, you lose the whole bet. 

While you can input up to 100 bets, we recommend using 2-10 bets only. And even most of the sportsbooks only allow a maximum of 10 bets only.

Prop Bets 

You can also bet on super bowl using prop bets. These do not correlate with the game’s result. The team and player props could include the touchdowns, rushing yards, receptions, or special teams. That also means naming one of the Super Bowl MVPs.

Other than the game actions, props may also include the time it may take to sing the National Anthem, the coin toss if it is heads or tail.

Future Bets 

You can always predict the team you think will make it to the next big game. Since there are decent odds at this time, it’s ideal for making the future bet. However, you only get to know if you won after the following year. 
In Conclusion,  as you can see above, you’ll get spoiled for choice with several Super Bowl bets. And that means you can choose to bet on super bowl with the ideal wager that you find suitable for you. Now that you understand each of these wagers, may you get the most out of each wager you use?

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