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Home Lifestyle 4 Points That Should Be Under Consideration for a Playground Upgrade

4 Points That Should Be Under Consideration for a Playground Upgrade

While all playgrounds eventually need to be updated, how you develop the space in the future is something that demands much thinking. Modern playgrounds must fulfill a number of key tasks while also catering to the demands of your students. Here are some questions to think about before you start working on the playground upgrade to assist you better and help you get the desired results.

Is your playground enough for all pupils?

A playground should be available to all students at your school; yet, personnel on duty may easily distinguish between those who use it frequently and those who do not. Before you start making changes, figure out why some kids aren’t participating and what you can do to improve things for them.
Some aspects of your playground may not be appropriate for all ages; for example, younger children may be unable to use the climbing equipment. There may not be enough space for people who prefer imaginative or artistic pursuits, and there may be too many sports markers. There may be equipment that children line up to use because there isn’t enough of it, as well as equipment that sits unused because no one wants to play with it.
Talking to the kids and asking them what equipment or features they would use on the playground is the best way to find out how it can work for everyone. Your new playground will be able to accommodate everyone in this manner.

Is your playground inclusive?

While some children may choose not to participate, others may be unable to do so. Inadequate surfacing or limited walkways may make it difficult for children with disabilities, particularly wheelchair users, to manoeuvre around the space. They may also be left alone while their pals play on equipment that hasn’t been modified to accommodate them. Some people are even unable to sit at a picnic table with their pals since the table was not intended to accommodate wheelchairs.
Children with special needs, such as autism, may feel excluded because the playground is too noisy or crowded for them to feel comfortable, and would prefer a peaceful, outdoor location to retreat to during recess.

Is your playground safe enough?

Before you think about adding glitzy new elements to your playground, one of your top responsibilities should be to solve any existing safety concerns. Broken or damaged equipment, degraded surfacing, uneven walkways, wear or loose steps, splintering wooden mulch, and so on are examples of items that may need to be replaced or repaired. You’ll also need to think about the additional safety features that your new playground will require.

Does the playground focus on children’s needs?

Playgrounds should include a variety of equipment that can aid in the development of a wide range of abilities, such as communication, problem-solving, social interaction, risk-taking, and resilience.
Similarly, the chance to engage in physical activity and encourage the adoption of healthy lifestyles must be available. This could include sports and climbing equipment, as well as a nature space for mental health. You might also wish to build the playground so that it can be utilised as an outdoor classroom or to give learning continuity between the inside and outdoor locations.

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