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Home Reviews What are the Perks of Shopping Online Indian Groceries in Czech Republic?

What are the Perks of Shopping Online Indian Groceries in Czech Republic?

Online shopping in the current scenario is a boon for all the Indian expats living in Czech republic. Usually in India, without the touch and feel of the items, we don’t get a feel of the shopping but when you are an Indian Expat living in Czech Republic, you will know the importance of online shopping of the Indian grocery items.

Who doesn’t want to sit on the sofa, sip their coffee and order their favorite khakra for the snacks to be eaten in the morning? Yes, online shopping for your favorite grocery items gives you this luxury. Apart from this, there are several benefits that online shopping gives you that makes it all the more convenient during the current pandemic scenario.

Dookan.com is my personal favorite online Indian grocery store in Czech Republic to get all the Indian goods and products for my consumption. I am a foodie and love my bowl of Rajma chawal more than you can even imagine. When I came to the Czech Republic, I was sad that I couldn’t eat my favourite dish anymore. Then I came to know about Dookan which provides premium quality Rice and Rajma which I happily purchased and now I am able to make them over here at my residence.

Perks Of Shopping Online For Indian Grocery Items

– Discounts/ Rebates

Dookan gives various discounts and rebates which include app exclusive discounts as well as discounts on its website. These price reductions add a lot to the savings which can further be utilised for grocery shopping for the next month. This also allows you to shop on the budget and purchase only whatever you need and not the impulsive demands.

– Home delivery

Home delivery at your preferred time so that you get to take your own parcel in is a satisfaction that’s very underrated by all. When you receive that fresh produce in your hands and it feels so great cannot imagine a feeling like that. They also deliver during late evenings. Late evenings are the time when a majority of the people return from the office. During this time, one can always go for scheduling the delivery so as to get freshly delivered produce in their hands.

– Pandemic

Pandemic has caused us to socially distance ourselves from each other which equally applies to the physical shopping in the supermarkets which are crowded and don’t have many options of being socially distant. The delivery boys of dookan.com have come up with proper masks and gloves to save you from pandemic..

– Can order anytime no specific time needed to get these

Morning, evening, night, while sipping coffee, while in the gym etc. no time is unsuitable for ordering groceries and products online. You can always download the app for even more benefits than usual website visitors. Since the products are available at a single click, the website can also be accessed for a fast check out.

– No taking out extra time to receive them

The delivery will be done at a scheduled time which means no extra time will be needed to receive which means that a mental satisfaction of getting your goods delivered will finally be achieved.

– Groceries in your hand at just a click

You just have to check the product, add them to the cart and confirm the delivery by opting for the payment option. Just a matter of a few minutes as well as a few clicks and you will have your groceries and fresh produce in your hand. Fresh produce will actually be fresh as in other stores deliver stale produce but Dookan delivers the very fresh one.

– Variety to choose from

Various products and various brands, even the ones that we use at home back in India are being sold by Dookan. Not only the variety, they also provide the premium quality products. Such as:- MDH, Aashirvad, Haliram’s, MTR, Ching’s, and many more. My day does not start without the morning cuppa that I used to have back at home and thanks to Dookan, I can enjoy it here as well.

– No need to stock up

Stocking up is usually done when you have to get free shipping from the stores because let’s face it 200 bucks spent on the grocery won’t pinch but 20 bucks spent on the shipping will pinch. Dookan offers you free shipping with no minimum order limit.

Summing Up

Being an NRI is not easy. It takes special guts to be one since not just the home but even the country changes too. In such situations the only solution is to go for a grocery partner that can provide you with your favorite goods and products so that you can at least feel comfortable living in that apartment initially because of familiarity. Dookan does just that for you. With a number of products and perks available, Dookan is certainly your go to grocery partner.

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