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Types of Gloves: Cut-Resistant, Work Gloves, & More

All around the world, you would be surprised that the most occurring kind of Injuries are the Hand injuries. In many cases of Hand Injuries, the person ends up injuring their hand after the blade either slips from their hand or it trips and falls onto the ground.

Considering the facts put forward by OSHA, the Food Industry almost has to compensate for about $300 Million due to the hand injuries incurred by their staff!

In this Total sum of $300 Million, it includes the lost work time, and the compensation that they will have to pay for the worker’s compensation. Other than that, the medical costs also factor in in this amount. Other costs include from the Fiood wasted from Contamination, and the lost time in which the other employees stop prepping and tend to the person.

In the end, you also have to add the distraction caused to other employees as well as the guests and the customers in your restaurant. However, Avoiding Hand injuries is very simple. Hand Injuries can be easily avoided if the workers gain the education on how to work around the tools. This way, they would know what to do instead of going for the closest towel to cover the wound.

Moving forward, it would also be a good idea to get your workers equipped with gloves. Now, there are three common types of gloves available on the market. It Includes Heat Resistant Oven Gloves, oven Mitts, and Finally Gloves for Dishwashing and Heavy-duty gloves.

1.   Oven Mitts and Oven Gloves:

People get Oven Mitts for one reason Only; Oven Mitts and oven gloves offer protection to the hands from heat regardless of how hot the flames are.

Whether you are working in a commercial or a private kitchen, it is a good idea to equip yourself with an Oven Mitt and Oven Gloves.

Moreover, these gloves also offer protection to the users when they have to deal with carrying hot kitchen utensils. Having an oven mitt comes in handy if you end up dropping food that you want to fry prematurely into hot cooking oil.

There are some manufacturers out there looking to take things to the next level. Having said that, these manufacturers use materials which make their oven gloves and oven mitts resistant to higher levels of fire.

Such gloves offer high resistance to the fire. This additional resistance offers an extra layer of security. This additional level of security comes in handy for people that have to actively deal with exposed fire in an oven, grill, or a barbecue pit.

Some manufacturers take things to the next level as they design oven gloves that are so resistant to heat that they can easily be driven into products such as steamers.

  1. Cut Resistant Gloves:

When it comes to having literal names, this product is one of the biggest options that we have available on the market.

The users prefer these kinds of gloves as they protect the hands of the wearer from getting cuts from various blades. To tell you in short, these gloves are invincible against cuts.

These types of gloves are a great option as they offer high levels of protection against cuts regardless of your application. If your job requires you to deal with extremely sharp objects, these are the perfect kind of gloves for you.

People in various industries prefer these gloves for their resistance to cuts. These gloves can prevent hands against cuts that you might get while cutting fruits or the cuts that you might get through meat.

There are a lot of Cut-resistant gloves available on the market. Having said that, they are going to differ in terms of durability depending on the product that you might choose. If you buy gloves made from high-quality materials, they will also offer you protection against puncturing wounds as well as high levels of heat!

3.   Heavy Duty Gloves and Dishwashing:

As the name suggests, these kinds of gloves were mainly designed to offer protection to the users hand from moisture. Aside from the moisture, these gloves come in handy when it comes to protecting hands from high levels of heat as well as chemicals.

You might be surprised to know this. There are so many instances in our daily life where harmful chemicals are included. If you come in contact with these chemicals (Which we usually do), you might end up causing severe damage to your hands, Among many other examples, there are harmful chemicals available in the liquids designed for Housekeeping, cleaning, and maintenance tasks.

These kinds of gloves are the perfect option when it comes to gaining protection against harmful chemicals. You may not know this, but excessive contact with water can be harmful for your hands as well!

Other than that, these gloves also come in handy when it comes to offering protection against the dishes and flatware that come directly out of the dish machine.

From all the information that we have mentioned, it is safe to say that these gloves would do a great job for the normal at-home tasks. Not only that, these gloves are also going to come in handy when it comes to obtaining safety from cold.

If your job requires you to be in contact with Cold Environments, ie. if you work in conditions where you have to restock meats in a very cold area, then wearing these kinds of gloves are going to be a lot of help.


Here go all the types of Gloves available on the market. As you may have seen from the article, all types of gloves differ from each other in some way.

Having said that, if you want to buy the best gloves for you, then you must consider getting products that will prove useful for your specific application. If your use is limited to the normal use, ie. stuff like dishwashing, then you will be fine with Diswashing and Heavy-duty gloves.

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