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Black and Red 17mm Mini Sclera Contact Lenses

We are living in a world of fashion and innovation! Lucky us, we just think of a trend or idea, and within a matter of days or hours now, we are able to achieve it. Who would have ever thought that changing eye colours could be such an easy task? They say no pain, no gain-, but even this fact doesn’t apply when we talk about changing our eye colours. Contact lenses indeed are a blessing in disguise. You wouldn’t realise this until you badly want to change your eye colour or achieve some cool shading. But as humans, it is our nature to wish and struggle for things we don’t have.

We are a part of Instagram, and no doubt it influences everyone in one way or another. Whenever we look at those beauty filters which make our eyes look popping and shining, we want to have them forever. Also, once we put off the filters or close our camera, we feel like we are incredibly ugly because we are nothing like the filters. So, we all try to use makeup to enhance our features and look like every other Instagram model. Alright, yes, you can achieve the maximum of that appearance, but what about your eyes? Can you get those sparky eyes with makeup or some shimmer? Absolutely not! But worry not, gone are the times when anything was impossible. You need to rush to a store- preferably an online one due to the covid-19 and order yourself 17mm mini sclera contact lenses.

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17mm mini sclera contact lenses

17mm mini sclera contact lenses are undoubtedly the best ever lenses you can opt for. They’ll give you the exact Instagram filter’s appearance in real life. They cover your entire eye and make your eyes look like sparky doll eyes. Choosing the colour is totally up to you as the options are countless. You can pick light earthy shades, popping blue and green, or something as catchy as black or red sclera lenses. There is nothing for you to worry about while wearing 17mm mini sclera contact lenses because people have been wearing them for ages now, and no one complains. Also, they are super comfortable and gentle. So, just grab yourself a pair if you are a beginner and try out how it goes. And if you already have experience wearing sclera contact lenses, we recommend you try unique colours and stun everyone.

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Here are a few contact lens suggestions for you all!

Mini black sclera lenses

Black eye colour is pretty dominant in Asia and Africa and hardly seen in the European region. But this in no way means you all belonging to these regions or having different eye shades have no right to experience the charm of having black eyes. Black eyes are hella pretty! A very few people talk about the beauty of black eyes because they haven’t witnessed it yet. Also, you need to know every type of makeup suits black eyes, be it the nude look, smokey eye look, or all glittery. You want them now, right? Well, mini black sclera lenses are the best choice for you. They’ll instantly elevate your entire look and make you fall in love with yourself!

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Mini red sclera lenses

Everyone can wear ordinary coloured contact lenses. But do you want to stand out? Do you have the guts to stand out in a crowd? If yes, then it’s too good! And if not, it’s time you challenge yourself. Get ready to scare and stun everyone around you with mini red sclera lenses. It is a colour that’s the best for occasions like Halloween and carnivals. Do you want to dress up as a clown, demon, alien, or any other thrilling character? If yes, then don’t miss out on the chance of dressing up as the best version of these characters. Get your costume, put on mini red sclera lenses, and do the denting painting! It is your time to make a statement style.

Full eye 22mm black sclera lenses

Mini contact lenses may be good, but are they as good as full eye 22mm black sclera lenses? It is something you’ll find out on your own! Grab yourself a pair of 17mm lenses and 22mm black sclera lenses. Try out both and tell us which style is more thrilling? We are sure you will love the 2mm lenses because they provide full eye coverage. And who wouldn’t want to look this enchanting, especially for a costume or theme-inspired event? These types of contacts are ideal when you want to create transformation videos. Also, believe us, you can’t prank someone better in any other shades. So, what are you waiting for?

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