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Step by Step Knowledge about Birthstones

In all civilizations of the world, people relate different natural stones with 12 months of years. These stones are known as birthstones or gemstones. These stones are worn in jewelry items like earrings, necklaces, bracelets, etc. Different arguments have seen in the history of birthstones and these are not the same as they were in the old civilizations.

Birthstones are selected because of their colors and by their months. People who have a date of birth between 20 March and 21 April will feel pleasure to wear Aries Birthstone Color from various Aries Birthstones.

The modern idea about birthstones supports the astrological model and one should choose one’s gemstone from 12 birthstones assigned Zodiac signs and should wear according to the position of power of the defined sign. This concept also matches with the Vedic astrological tradition of India that links 9 planets with 9 different gemstones. Moreover, the gemstone for wearing is recommended to a person by keeping in view the health state and challenges that are expected to face in the future.

The concept of wearing a gemstone corresponding to the date of the month is a modern idea arrived in the world in the 18 century but the modern list of these stone was not yet published till 1912 by the National Association of Jewelry in the USA.

The modern list of gemstones was the same since 1912 but in recent years two consecutive attempts with arguments were made to change the birthstone list that is about the tanzanite a gemstone of December. In 2002 tanzanite was added in the birthstone list in the month of December by the American Gemstone Association. In the previous list month of December already has two stones that are turquoise and zircon.

In February 2006 TranzaniteOneLtd made a marketing attempt to introduce it as a birthstone. The might and main of this attempt were to make popular a slogan “ Be Born to Tanzanite” meaning that this birthstone should be given to the birth of every child without any restriction of the month.

Now we are going one step ahead for the introduction of the birthstone of each month with its precise traits.

Birthstone by Month

January Birthstone

Garnet is the January birthstone with the following salient traits.

  • Its popular color is red and it is considered that safety of the wearer is to a high level when he wears it during traveling.
  • Its color resembles the seed of pomegranate because of this reason the word “garnet” is derived from the term that has a meaning seed.

February Birthstone

Amethyst is the prominent February gemstone that has the following characteristics

  • It dishes up the courage to the wearer and assists the wearers in relation to development.
  • According to the ancient Greeks, this stone has meaning “Sober”

March Birthstone

Aquamarine is the very popular birthstone of March having the following characteristics

  • It has found good for the persons who are suffering from heart, liver, and stomach diseases.
  • It is a strong belief of the sailors that it can protect them from the dangers of sailing.

April Birthstone

The most popular birthstone of April is Diamond and every lady of the world his the desire to wear diamonds once in life. Diamond has the following features

  • It is a very hard stone that is used in industry for cutting of glass materials
  • It has high sparkling power with everlasting love and courage.

May Birthstone

Emerald is a well-known birthstone in the elite class with the following features

  • It was the favorite stone of Cleopatra and because of this fact ladies all over the world love to wear it.
  • Gemstone therapists suggest that this stone cultivates love, wisdom, and patience in the wearer.

June Birthstone

The June Birthstone is Pearl with the following salient feature

  • If you want to be a symbol of purity, wear pearl gemstone.
  • Gemstones therapists recommend pearl for those people who have no decision power and have any level of depression in their personality.

July Birthstone

Ruby the King of gemstones is July birthstone with the following characteristics

  • It saves the wearers from the evils
  • Its deep red color is a sign of love and passion
August Birthstone

Peridot is the good knowledge birthstone dedicated to August. Here are it’s characteristics

  • It is a symbol of strength
  • It saves the wearers from nightmares

September Birthstone

Sapphire is September gemstone with the following features

  • it is considered a guard against poison and evil.
  • It is such a powerful birthstone and can kill a venomous snake if it is placed in a vessel made of material of this birthstone.

October Birthstone

October birthstone is also known as a libra birthstone –Opal having the following traits

  • It is a symbol of faithfulness and confidence for the wearers.
  • This precious stone is embedded in various jewelry items for the protection of the eyesight of wearers.

November Birthstone

Topaz the stone of November is a symbol of love and affection. It enhances the intellectuality in the wearer

December Birthstone

According to the modern birthstone list, Turquoise is the December birthstone, a symbol of good fortune and success. It saves the wearers from harm.

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