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Dramatic Eye Makeup to Create a Statement

Dramatic eye makeup can lighten and brighten your eyes to make them appear larger and more interesting. But statement eye makeup can also be intimidating to try on at first.

Have you struggled to find the right eye makeup tutorials for your desired style? Are you not sure which looks are worth trying out?

The following guide will explore how to make your eyes pop with several easy techniques.

Metallic Blue Eye Makeup

Metallic blue colors give off a beautiful shimmery effect similar to the ocean or night sky. More importantly, it’s an easy way to make a statement for a night out.

First, apply your favorite primer to your eyelids. Grab a blue eyeliner and make a wing along your top lash line. Then, subtly fill the bottom lash line, too. You can smudge the lash lines to get a sleeker look.

Next, put on a nude eyeshadow going from the middle of your top eyelid towards the inside corners. Then work in a metallic blue eyeshadow from the middle to the outside corner to achieve a winged shape.

Carefully blend in your nude eyeshadow with the metallic blue eyeshadow. Use a sliver highlighter in the inside eye corner for added effect.

Grab a white eyeliner pencil to define the bottom lash line. Finally, apply mascara after curling for more voluminous lashes to finish the look.

Smoky Eye Makeup

Timeless smoky eyes never go out of style and pair great with a nude lip tint. Begin by applying primer and nude eyeshadow to both of your eyelids.

Use a subtle brown eyeshadow on your top eyelid and your bottom lash line making a wing at the outside corner. Take a black eyeshadow and smudge it at the outside corner of your eye.

Add a touch of brown or silver shimmer directly in the middle of your top eyelid and the inside corner. Blend any sharp lines and highlight the top and bottom lash line using an intense black eyeliner. Curl your eyelashes and add mascara to finish the look.

Rose-Gold Eye Makeup

Grab the attention of others by using a golden shimmer along with a flawless winged eyeliner. Pair it with a brilliant red lip tint to give the look an extra boost.

Start by drawing a semi-circle on your top eyelid crease using a brown eye pencil. Make sure to only darken the outside corner of your eye.

Blot any sharp lines you’ve made to get a smoother result. Then, add a rose-gold eye shadow from the inside corner all the way to the outside crease.

Apply a bit of golden glitter to the middle of your top lid and blend it out so that it’s smooth. Use a dark black or brown eyeliner to highlight your eyes with an elegant wing. Curl your lashes and add a dense coat of mascara to finish this look.

Ready for More Dramatic Eye Makeup?

Now you know several methods of achieving dramatic eye makeup for unforgettable looks. Remember our guide and the necessary products mentioned above and try these simple techniques for yourself!

Make sure to check out our lifestyle category for more great tips to amplify your style.

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