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9 ways to improve landscape design

There are many companies who are into landscape lighting & designing and consider landscape designing is not just a luck, but it needs lot of intelligence and hard work. Along with that it also needs lot of patience and research work. In this article I will take you thru some of the best ways to improve your landscape design easily.

Whether you have a small garden in an urban area or a huge estate in a remote village, beautiful landscape pleases everyone’s eyes and relaxes our minds. They also increase the value of your property specially the outdoor spaces. But in order to build a perfect landscape, one must look into its every aspect so that the end results are perfect and up to the mark.

Bed line design:

If you have a small backyard or a big space, you can turn it into a beautiful landscape with the help of LED landscape lights and eye soothing green grass lawns. Green luscious grass bed with concrete pathways in the middle of it looks elegant. You can have serpentine shaped bed lines to make the bed look more relaxing since this shape is referred as line of beauty.

Repeat the elements:

Repeat the key elements throughout the garden so that it looks consistent. You can add elements like LED lamp posts along the pathways at equal distances which looks beautiful during the nighttime.


Plants are most important parts of your landscape and one of the easiest ways to define a new look. Beds with clean lines define areas and points of interest while curve looks more natural. Think of plants as you would decorate your house. Layer the heights in your beds. Tallest plants in the back and smallest in the front. When selecting plants know that perennials grow back every season while annuals will need to be planted each year.


If privacy is a priority, consider planting hedges as a fence or build a traditional fence. Different styles are available to fit your preference. Just check with your local shops before you install.


If your property has a hill, planting on a slope is a possibility. Or you can small retaining walls of various levels to define different points of interest.


Think about the pathways to get to the different points of interest in your yards. Solid concrete or pavers are more formal and offer defined direction. Crushed gravel is a softer alternative and steppingstones give a natural feel to the land. Just be sure to space them as someone will step and use a landing every few stones to create an opportunity stop and enjoy the view.

Water Features:

A great way to add tranquility and a touch of nature is by adding a water feature. A small pond installation not only looks nice it is perfect for plants and fish. To add relaxing sense, try a fountain, a statue or a tabletop fountain is a nice option for small spaces.


As your landscape comes together consider highlighting the different areas with landscape lighting. Different kinds of Garden Lights Up lights or spotlights for trees, flood lights for beds and path lights illuminates the landscape for nighttime enjoyment. Of course, these design principles can be used in your backyards but also your front yard and your side yard. Now that you have your plan ready, head into your local stores to find out which plants and flowers grow best in your area. And remember that the best landscape tip above all is to do what makes you happy and you will have the perfect outdoor to enjoy.

Unique Courtyard:

A big water basin at the center of the garden will enhance its looks and reminds of a middle east architectural design. You can use a single water feature in one corner of your garden which can be seen from the seating area in your garden.

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