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What should be the right food after training for muscle growth?

The main goal of training is the formation of a beautiful and healthy body. And in achieving this goal, what you eat plays a key role. Especially a lot of questions are raised about the organization of nutrition before training: is it possible to eat before training, and if so, how much and what is better to eat so that the training is effective and safe for health. For those who want to lose weight, it seems most natural to train hungry and thus create a calorie deficit. Therefore, the very first and most urgent question that worries many – is it necessary to eat before a workout at all?  

Food before training: to eat or not to eat?!

It is believed that aerobic exercise on an empty stomach helps burn fat more efficiently than an entire hour of cardio loading after eating. And this is true: fat oxidation in this case is faster. But where in this case come from the strength and energy to exercise? Energy begins to be expended due to muscle tissue, and not just from subcutaneous fat. Therefore, if you are hoping to lose weight by refusing food before training, then remember that you will most likely lose muscle tissue. So, training on an empty stomach is a myth that can not only reduce the effect of training, but also harm health.

Another important aspect of nutrition before exercise is getting sugar. Anyone who has been hungry, knows for himself that after half an hour begins light headedness, fatigue and lethargy. And this fatigue is not at all from the fact that you are effectively engaged, but from the elementary lack of blood sugar that enters the body with food. Therefore, there is only one answer to the question “Do you need to eat before a workout”: it is simply necessary for energy, muscle tissue growth and muscle protection.

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What you need to eat before training: make a menu

So, eating before exercise is the basis for maintaining muscle mass. In addition, it is a source of energy necessary for active movement, as well as protecting the body from possible dehydration. And now, standing in front of the refrigerator, we reflect: what foods can I eat before training? 

In order to create a menu and have a clear idea of ​​nutrition before a workout, so that it will be effective, you need to know what effect the main components of those foods that you eat have on the body. 

Food before workout: what proteins, fats and carbohydrates do

The main components of food are proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

  • Protein is involved in building muscle tissue, and protects it from microcracks, sprains, and bruises during training.
  • Carbohydrates give up to 70% of the energy that is then spent during training. They increase the level of glucose in the blood, thereby increasing strength and endurance, as well as lowering the level of stress hormones (cortisol). Carbohydrate-containing products have a so-called glycemic index, which shows the rate of breakdown of the product in the body. Before training, a person needs foods with a low glycemic index. They contain more fiber, essential glucose of natural origin and are slowly broken down, giving energy to the body for a long and even time. Among these products are oatmeal, vegetables, sweet potatoes.
  • The amount of fat should be minimal, as they are difficult to digest. In addition, it is better to choose vegetable fats so as not to interfere with the flow of nutrients into the blood.

The proportions of substances are approximately the following: carbohydrates 55-60%, proteins 25-30%, fats 10-15%, depending on the type of training.

Basic rules for preparing a menu before training

Balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates

It is necessary to monitor the diet, depending on the goals of the workout.

If you are waiting for a long training session (more than 1.5 hours), then focus on complex carbohydrates, which will be split for a long time. 

Naturally, if weight training is ahead, then protein should be at the heart of the pre-workout menu. 

If your goal is to lose weight, then you need to monitor the balance of calories in order to spend more than get. Complex carbohydrates found in vegetables, cereals, wholemeal flour should form the basis of the menu. 

Dial or discard?

The ratio of calories received and spent also depends on the goal: when losing weight, you need to spend more than the body receives with food. If the main task is to gain mass, the calories obtained should be enough to build muscle tissue. Drinking

water is recommended at least half an hour before a meal, so as not to interfere with its absorption, and half an hour after eating.

What you can eat before training

Squirrels: poultry (chicken, turkey), lean white fish (tuna, cod, mullet, carp), eggs, cottage cheese. 

Sources of complex carbohydrates: vegetables (celery, salad, carrots), potatoes, rice, cereals, legumes.

Vegetable fats (omega-3): linseed oil, olive oil, fish oil.

It is better to plan a meal an hour and a half before training. If you couldn’t eat on time, have a small snack: a banana, yogurt or low-fat cottage cheese, as well as healthy sweets: prunes, dates, figs, are suitable.

As for strong coffee, it is often used as an additional stimulant that can improve the functioning of the nervous system, increase stamina and mobilize the breakdown of fat cells. But you must remember that coffee is not recommended for use on an empty stomach.

What to eat before training?

As already mentioned, it is impossible to eat fatty high-calorie foods: it simply will not allow proteins and carbohydrates necessary for the body to be absorbed and absorbed into the blood. Therefore, it is better to refrain from the temptation to have a bite to eat fatty, salty and sweet:

• fast food
• fatty fried and smoked meat
• sausages and sausages
• foods with the addition of fatty sauces, mayonnaise
• various salty snacks
• sweets
• buns
Regardless of how many opinions exist on the topic of nutrition before training, it is always necessary to proceed from personal characteristics, such as weight, state of health, contraindications (including allergies), etc.

Example menu before training

By properly preparing for your workout, you can improve your results and help your body recover.

  1. Choose a snack with a low protein content that is quickly digested. For example, with whey protein.
  2. Drink 450-600 ml of water or electrolyte to restore water balance.
  3. Signature 1-2 hours before training to maximize your productivity, effectiveness and quickly begin to restore the body.

Workouts should be started strong enough to give the maximum to take into account the duration and intensity of classes.

Snack before training

Can’t find a snack to your taste? Try one of these ways to eat fast.

  • 180 m orange juice + ½ teaspoon of protein powder
  • Greek yogurt + 1 glass of berries
  • Mixture: 1 cup high-fiber cereal, 2 tablespoons dried fruit, 2 tablespoons nuts
  • ½ nutrition bar
  • ½ turkey sandwich on whole grain bread + fruit
  • ½ peanut butter and jam sandwich
  • A small cup of cereal with milk and ½ banana

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