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The Best Dermatologist in Jaipur to treat Hair Loss by PRP Treatment

Hair loss and thickening are two major problems, especially after the age of 30s. Data shows that around fifty million men and thirty million women have lost some of their hair as time has passed. Stress and depression are the most common reasons for getting hair loss at an early age. The best dermatologist in Jaipur has come up with ways to treat this hair loss with the help of the latest PRP treatment. 

Dr. Sachin Sarda is one of the top skincare experts in Jaipur who offers advanced hair-care solutions like PRP Treatment and others. With the help of these highly effective treatments, any man and woman can resolve their hair-loss issues like dandruff, hair fall, alopecia permanently. 

Dr. Sachin is the founder of the all-in-one hair and skincare clinic in the city- Jaipur Skincity, and the best dermatologist in Jhotwara, Tonk Road, and Malviya Nagar. The clinic is well-known and popular for offering the latest technologies and solutions for hair loss and removal. 

Before selecting your hair-loss treatment, take a look at this latest PRP treatment to recover from hair loss.

What is PRP Therapy in Jaipur?

PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma. Doctors compose PRP by extracting high concentration of platelets in a limited plasma volume from the patients’s own blood. This platelet-rich plasma has some special bioactive protein and other growth factors that promote cell growth and improve hair growth on the skin. 

PRP is extracted from the body of the person having hair-loss issues using a centrifuge mechanism that partitions between blood and the other substance to increase the protein level for better growth. 

The top dermatologists in Jaipur who are expert in hair transplants use this method to treat hair loss due to damage to hair-follicle, stress and other physical conditions. 

How does the PRP Process help in treating hair loss?

transparemt PRP  process by the best dermatologist in Jaipur- Dr. Sachin

PRP treatment generally has three major steps which work for every patient. The entire process needs around three sittings in the gap of 4-6 weeks for the complete growth of hair.

Step I

 In the first step, the doctor draws the blood from your skin (usually the skin near your arms) and places it into a centrifuge (a process that spins very fast to separate the fluid with different densities. 

Step II

Now, the blood is partitioned into three layers when put in a centrifuge for around 10 minutes. The three layers are as follows: 

  • Weak plasma 
  • The platelet-rich plasma 
  • And Red Blood Cells 

Step III

The doctor takes a syringe infused with the plasma-rich platelet and then injected it into your scalp area with low hair density to improve the growth. 

Medical practitioner did several tests in order to see if PRP is effective or not. And as per the patient’s reviews, hair transplantation using PRP treatment has helped many people get back the ideal hair density. So, we can say that it is worth trying. 

Can PRP Treatment be a Permanent Solution for Hair Problems?

PRP for Hair Loss Treatment is Permanent or Temporary?Jaipur skincity

The success and after-effects of Platelet Rich Plasma vary from person to person. 

It requires a few weeks to see the results of the first treatment of PRP. But after it shows results, you can be worry-free from regular clinic visits. However, it is advised to visit at least once a year to the doctor for a head-up and to maintain hair growth. 

Side-Effects of Platelets-Rich-Plasma Treatment 

While the treatment can benefit the patients to recover from hair loss, it also has some side effects that can’t be neglected. Following are the most widely seen side-effects of PRP treatment:

  1. Blood vessel injury or problems on the scalp skin 
  2. You can face nerve injury 
  3. Chances of getting an infection in the injection site
  4. Scar tissue near the area where the injection is inserted.
  5. Other possible side effects of anesthesia during the treatment include muscle aches, irritation, confusion, and body pain. 

If a person faces any issues, as mentioned above, after the treatment, consulting a dermatologist or the skin doctor by whom you took the treatment is the first thing you should do. They will understand the issue more closely and provide you with an ideal solution to that problem. 

The Best Dermatologist in Jaipur- Sachin Sarda for PRP Treatment

Best Dermatologist and Skin Specialist in Jaipur - Dr Sachin Sharda

Dr. Sachin Sarda is the best dermatologist in Jaipur, with expertise in skin-related problems and treatments. Dr. Sachin has more than seven years of experience in the skincare field and treated more than 3000 patients in his lifetime. 

Dr. Chirag has a quirk of learning new methods and technologies in order to serve people with the best skin care solutions. And that’s the reason why you will only see the latest mode of treatments at Jaipur Skincity, Jaipur. He is a member of the Indian Association of Dermatologists and Leprologists. 

Skin disorders may not feel huge at the initial stage, but when it gets worse, will take your everyday sleep. Consulting the top dermatologist in Jaipur and getting the proper treatments will help you get better success rates and reduce the chances of any future skin-related issue. Consult Dr. Sachin- the best dermatologist in Jaipur, to get the best PRP treatment and treat your hair loss. 

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