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Different Benefits for Opting for Individual Health Insurance

Nowadays we all might have experienced drastic changes in the overall lifestyle of the people. All these changes have led to many of the health problems that arise in humans more frequently. With time the medical treatment prices have gone very high, so it will great to have something that can support a person during a problematic situation. For this investing in an individual health insurance plan will be a great option. It will provide all the services that will make the person tension-free during the tough situation.

Health insurance plans are the agreement of the person with the insurance company that agrees to take guarantee of the compensations for all the medical expenses incurred during medical emergency or accidents that leads to hospitalizations. Even this Covid-19 situation has made it necessary for the people to get to the right investment in health insurance. The health insurance plan will become the savior in tough situations as it will cover all the medical expenses due in such a situation. There are many benefits of investing in the right insurance policy. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Comprehensive coverage: Whenever the person invests in the health insurance policy, he needs to keep in mind that all the issues related to medical expenses need to be covered. Nowadays many insurance plans are available with comprehensive features. It will cover the following expenses:
    • Inpatient Hospitalization expenses: These are the medical expenses insured by the person during the hospitalization of at least 24 hours. In this plan, most of the hospitalization expenses will include room rent, boarding, cost of medicines, ICU expenses, etc.
    • Pre-hospitalization and Post-hospitalization expenses: These are the expenses that are incurred by the pre and host hospitalization. It will include certain expenses like doctor’s fees, x-ray expenses, medical test reports, etc.
    • Ambulance expenses: Sometimes the person is stuck with some medical emergency, and the person needs to be taken to hospital. In such a situation ambulance might be needed so that the person is taken to the hospital and meanwhile the person is also provided with some medical help. Even the insurance company provides cover for such expenses.
    • Day-care expenses: These are expenses that don’t require 24 hours of hospitalization. These expenses will include dialysis, cataract, chemotherapy, etc. even the expenses are also covered under some of the insurance policy plans.
    • Domiciliary hospitalization expenses: These are expenses that arise because of the heath issue services availed at home. There are certain terms and conditions to it, so it will be highly recommended to read them, before taking any of the actions related to them.
  • Portability benefits: There are some of the insurance policy that provides with the facility of shifting the existing health insurance policy to the new health insurance provider. The facility is granted to the people on certain grounds and also provides higher flexibility and get your hands to the better options. All these prices will only be beneficial if the person is not very satisfied with the existing health insurance plans.
  • Tax benefits: Under section 80 D of the Income Tax Act 1961, the government is providing tax deductions for the premium paid for health insurance. It is a great benefit to the people in long term. This is also a great reason for the investment of people in health insurance plans.
  • Cashless treatments: Nowadays some insurance policies are providing cashless treatment to people. Now the insurance companies have direct links with the hospitals. The person can start their health treatment from the hospital that is directly in touch with the insurance policy. This is a great way that hospitals will directly settle all the medical expenses with the insurance company. This way the person can avail of cashless medical treatment.
  • Lifetime renewability benefits: Even health insurance plans come with the benefit of lifetime renewability. So there is no age limit for having the benefits of health insurance plans. If you start investing in a health insurance plan at the right time, it will give high returns at old age specifically.
  • Financial security: We all are aware of the fact that medical treatments have become quite expensive these days. This is the reason many people have started purchasing health insurance plans as they will provide financial security at the time of medical emergencies. Even medical treatments have become quite expensive. So to stay stress-free, it will be great to invest in the most affordable health insurance plan.

So to get all the benefits, do consider looking for health insurance plans at Care Insurance. The person will surely find the perfect match that will fit the requirements of people. Even this online platform provides the facility of customizing the insurance plans according to the needs. It will help the person to face all tough situations easily. 

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