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10 Best Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

You’ve probably come across the word metabolism, but you probably don’t know what it means and what it does. Metabolism is the process at which your body converts the food and drinks you consume into energy.

During the metabolic process, the calories in the food and beverage drinks you take are combined with oxygen to release more energy for your body. Your body requires energy to perform, so metabolism ensures that the food you eat is converted into energy to fuel your body’s activities.

Without a doubt, every living thing requires metabolism to keep the body alive and hearty. Metabolism influences the functioning of the body system. The higher your metabolism, the higher your chances of burning calories and losing weight.

10 Natural Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

If you are experiencing a slow metabolism, you should increase your metabolic rate. Here are some easy ways to boost your metabolism.

1. Drink More Coffee

Scientific studies have shown that coffee contains caffeine, which can also increase the speed of your metabolism. It explains why a lot of dietary formulas contain green tea and caffeine. A lot of manufacturers used caffeine in producing their supplements due to its fat-burning abilities.

Caffeine increases metabolism by 3 to 11%. Caffeine has fat-burning properties and can also contribute to successful weight loss.

2. Get Enough Sleep

Lack of sleep can increase the risks of obesity. Inadequate sleep is linked to insulin resistance and increased blood sugar levels, which could cause chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes.

Lack of sleep can also increase ghrelin (hunger hormone) and reduce your leptin (fullness hormone), so you’ll have high food cravings and eat at all times to satisfy your hunger. It is the reason why many sleep-deprived people feel hungry and find it almost impossible to shed weight.

It is unhealthy for you to deprive yourself of a good night’s sleep. Even if you are a workaholic, you should reserve quality time to have a good sleep.

3. Drink Lots of Cold Water

Those who take lots of water over sugary drinks will be able to keep off excess weight. The reason is that sugary drinks contain lots of calories, so replacing these drinks with water automatically reduces your intake of calories.

Taking enough water 30 minutes before your meal helps you eat less. The calorie-burning if you consume chilled water, as your body uses energy to heat the water to the body’s temperature. Water can increase your metabolism, but temporarily. Drinking 0.5 liters of water rests your metabolism by 10 to 30% for about an hour. Water improves metabolism and helps fill you up before your meals.

4. Eat Spicy Meals

Eating spicy foods is one of the natural strategies to boosting your metabolism. Peppers contain capsaicin, a substance that can increase the metabolic rate. Although spices can be beneficial to metabolism, many people cannot tolerate them at the dose required to produce a significant effect.

5. Eat Foods That Are Rich In Protein

Protein increases your metabolism by 15 to 30%. It makes you feel full and more satisfied, thereby preventing you from overeating.

Furthermore, eating more protein reduces the drop in metabolism that comes with losing fat. The reason is that protein reduces the risk of muscle loss, which is a common side effect of dieting. Apart from making you eat less, high protein consumption speeds up your metabolism to allow you to burn more calories.

6. Use Metabolic Boosters

Lastly, the use of metabolic boosters can help supercharge your metabolic rate. There are many metabolic boosters available on the market for you to try out. One of such metabolic boosters to try out is the Primeshred fat burner.

These metabolic boosters could be beneficial for improving your metabolism. Only use metabolic boosters that contain natural ingredients and plant extracts, as this will minimize the risks of side effects. Once more, an ideal metabolic boosting formula should increase your metabolism and help you burn fat.

7. Avoid Sitting Down For Long Hours

Avoid sitting down for too long because it is dangerous for your health. Excessive sitting has been dubbed as “the new smoking” by modern health commentators. Long hours of sitting make you burn only a handful of calories and can cause weight gain.

On the flip side, standing up can increase the number of calories you burn. An afternoon of standing up at the office can burn 174 more calories. If your job requires you to sit down for long periods, break the length of time you spend sitting down. You can consider investing in a standing desk to avoid sitting down for too long.

8. Perform High-Intensity Workouts

High-intensity exercises and workouts involve fast and intense bursts of energy. It can help you in your fat loss journey by improving your metabolic rate, even after your workout activity. Adding some High-intensity interval training (HIIT) can increase your metabolism and help you burn excess fat.

9. Lift Heavy Objects

Scientifically, muscle is more metabolically active than fat. Therefore, building muscle will be beneficial in improving your metabolism. It can help you burn a lot of calories daily, even while you are asleep.

Lifting weights will be crucial in building and retaining muscle mass. It also prevents the drop in metabolism that happens during weight loss. Higher amounts of muscle result in better metabolism, energy, and strength.

10. Consume Green Tea or Oolong Tea

Green tea and oolong tea has proven to increase the body’s metabolism significantly by 4 to 5%. These drinks convert some of the fat buildups in your body into free fatty acids, which increases the fat burning process by 10 to 17%.

Apart from their low-calorie content, consuming these teas is essential for healthy weight loss and maintenance. One of their weight loss benefits is that they help reverse the weight loss plateau of low metabolism. It explains why green tea is a common ingredient in many weight loss formulas on the market. They aid in keeping the weight off.

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