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The Latest Wedding Etiquette Tips That You Should Probably Stick To

Are you just starting to get wedding invites from your friends and family members? Knowing the wedding guest’s best practices can help you make sure you are being a respectful and polite supporter of the soon-to-be newlyweds in your life rather than that guest that doesn’t know today’s wedding etiquette.

Weddings are a great celebration; however, they can often be stressful when planning for the bride and groom. For this reason, you want to make sure you know the proper wedding etiquette so you can ensure you are only adding joy and love to their big day.

For some wedding industry tips and tricks when it comes to etiquette, keep reading. The best types of weddings are those where everyone supports the newlyweds in making their day amazing. Use this guide to make sure you are being a respectful wedding guest this year.

RSVP Etiquette

Planning a wedding takes lots of work in advance. Save the dates, and RSVPs will be sent out months ahead of time to notify guests of the big day. This allows guests to plan ahead, as well as the engaged couple.

Knowing who will attend their wedding will allow them to know how many people they can expect, and it can help them with important planning aspects such as their wedding venue. The entire budget will be based on the guest count, so make sure that you RSVP on time out of respect for the couple. Make sure to completely fill out the wedding RSVP, whether digitally or manually, and follow the return instructions that are given.

Additionally, if you forgot to return the RSVP, do not show up unexpectedly. If you are offered a plus one to the wedding, make sure you check that you will bring one to ensure that space for them will be provided. If the invite does not offer a plus one, don’t bring one anyways, as this was not the wishes of the couple.

Stick to the Dress Code

Many wedding invites may mention a dress code that the couple would like you to stick to. This not only allows guests to know what they should prepare to buy and wear for the wedding, but it also allows the wedding to have a certain style and feel. It’s important to follow the wedding dress code so that you don’t underdress or overdress for the occasion.

You want to dress appropriately for the style and setting of the wedding. Click for more info on wedding attire at the link.

Get the Couple a Gift They Will Love

Unless it is clearly stated by the couple in the invite, getting the couple a wedding present is a great way to congratulate them on this huge milestone. Many couples will have a gift registry, which makes shopping for the couple easy. If this isn’t the case, find a gift that is thoughtful and will be useful for both people.

Wedding Etiquette: Things to Keep in Mind

If you are preparing to attend a wedding, make sure to keep these wedding etiquette tips in mind to be a kind a respectful guest. Make this day special for the newlyweds with these pointers.

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