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Home General Creating a Safe Environment: How to Increase Safety at Your Store

Creating a Safe Environment: How to Increase Safety at Your Store

There are over 200,000 robberies per year across the nation, according to the FBI. Right around 10% of these occur at stores. Creating a safe environment at your store should be one of your primary objectives as a business owner.

Robberies are only one form of dangerous occurrence that you need to abate with proper safety precautions. Medical emergencies, workplace accidents, and other types of hazards can occur at any time without warning.

That’s why you need some basic rules and safety tips to make your store less dangerous. From utilizing increased security measures to giving employees proper PPE, here are some tips for making your store safe. Read on!

Identify Hazards

The first step in mitigating hazards in your store is to identify them. Conduct a thorough analysis of any hazards on your premises. These can include things like dangerous stairs, railings, or sharp corners.

Catalog all of your hazards and adopt appropriate mitigation measures. For instance, if you notice the potential for heavy objects to fall, move them to a lower level to prevent this from occurring.

Provide Employees With the Right Equipment

Your employees need to have proper PPE to do their job right. For some stores, this can be as simple as having them wear gloves while preparing hot food. Other forms of PPE include sturdy shoes or eye protection.

Choosing the right kind of PPE for your employees means knowing the context of their job. For instance, if you own a store in a rough neighborhood, you may want to provide your clerks with a firearm if state laws allow for this.

Provide Safe Environment Training

Your employees need to adopt proper operating procedures to stay safe at their jobs. Provide necessary safety training on their first day of work. Not only will this help them do their jobs right, but it will also help insulate you from liability.

Ensure that their training includes elements like de-escalation techniques for handling irate customers. Ensure they are trained to operate any dangerous equipment the right way before any sort of accident occurs.

Hire Security

Your store clerks are not trained security specialists. Even if you arm them, chances are they will do more harm than good if a security emergency arises. A much better bet is to hire professional security to keep your store safe.

Having uniformed security personnel present can deter instances of violent crime and increase safety at your store. Also, security personnel will deter shoplifting and petty crime from occurring. Check out this security company.

Keep Your Shoppers Safe

Everyone deserves to shop in a safe environment, and your clerks deserve a safe place to work. Don’t let your store become the next scene of a robbery or other catastrophe. With a bit of planning, you can make it safer.

Use the information in this guide to make your store safer. That way, your employees can feel comfortable showing up to work each day, and your customers will enjoy shopping more. Check our site for other information!

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