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Home Gadgets Simple Ways To Configure The TP-Link Wireless Modem

Simple Ways To Configure The TP-Link Wireless Modem

A TP-Link wireless modem works as all one device including NAT Router, 4-Port Switch, Wireless N Access Point, and ADSL2+ Modem. It is easy to install with the help of the WPS button. Simply touch the button, and easy on or off the WiFi button. You can also maximize or boost the speed of the signal up to 300 Mbps. Also reduce the interruption of networking problems like the internet. So you can easily stream online videos and make internet calls without any hassle. It provides a multi-language assistant for fast and easy installation of the Tp-link wireless router.

The wireless modem is one-stop solution and provides the ultimate internet performance to its users. It helps to eliminate the WiFi dead zone areas by activating the whole-home wireless coverage. Also its high-tech technology delivers an efficient wireless internet connection by activating parental control, management control, rule management, etc.

Ideal Features of the TP-link Wireless Modem

Easy to use and install

The Tp-link WiFi modem is easy to install as it allows you to access the router either through the web interface or by CD setup wizard. You can install it and use it and another step of installation via manual. Firstly connect the router to the hardware then set up your modem or router. You can install with two methods using a web browser or CD setup wizard. 

Helps to upgrade the WiFi

It helps to upgrade your home entertainment. To get a wonderful experience you can stream HD movies and videos and online gaming. It also provides Ethernet ports and a reliable wired internet connection. So you can easily share your photos, music using USB hard drives and thumb drives. There are other ways to upgrade your firmware router via IP address or web interface.

Provides Wireless AC for high speed

Tplinkmodem provides for the fast speed connection and bandwidth control to your devices. So it helps to control the traffic for winding down your laptop or PC.

Helps to secure your VPN server

It helps to secure your public WiFi and helps to establish a secure VPN connection to your Tp-link modem and it also helps to access the private router. Also helps to connect your router to the hard drive without any worry or paid subscription.

Secure Firmware update 

The Tp-link wireless modem provides you safe and secure access to the latest version of firmware help. It also keeps your wireless network up to date. So you can avoid time-consuming upgrade steps with just a couple of clicks.

The above features of the Tp-link wireless modem also deliver a far stronger reaching network.

Tips to configure the Tp-Link modem

Here is a solution from which you can configure your tplinkmodem are:

Solution 1: 

Firstly, you have to scan the QR code that is also available on the manual as well as in the app. Then download the TP-link tethering app from the Google play store or Apple app store. After that, the modem from the available device list. Then selects your modem from the list that you can simply manage.

Solution 2:

Launch a web browser on your device and access the web page. Clear the cache and history of the browser and then try again. If this method fails then use a different browser and access http tplinkmodem net for the configuration of your wireless router.

Tp-Link Wireless modem Solution 3: 

If solution 2 fails then, try to access the modem’s IP address  htt:// or for login to the web page. It is also recommended to connect your device using a wired Ethernet cable.

Review of the modem

The TP-link user says it works excellent and covers the distance of my entire house. I upgraded the version of the router; it extends the internet speed from 150 Mbps to 170 Mbps. Now I can stream online videos in HD and the price is also reasonable. I bought this router last year and this wireless router is still going strong and provides multiple power outages and trouble-free connections. Actually, I have several Tp-link products but this one works perfectly since I bought it at my home.

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