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How to Get Chickens to Lay Eggs

Eggs are some of the most affordable sources of protein available at your grocery store. But that doesn’t mean the price is low. In fact, egg prices are on the rise with the average price for a dozen eggs coming to more than $2.90.

If you’re trying to save money on your grocery bill, raising chickens can be a fun way to do just that.

However, once you bring them home, you’ll have to figure out how to get chickens to lay eggs. Here are a few proven tips to help you get your chickens laying eggs fast.

Give Them a Safe Place to Nest

Chickens won’t lay eggs reliably if they’re not comfortable in their environment. That’s why you need to give them a safe and secure place to nest the moment you bring them home.

Start by setting up a chicken coop that they can retreat to when they feel threatened or just want to rest at night. You can either buy a pre-built one or use DIY chicken coop plans and build it yourself.

Whatever you choose, make sure there’s enough space for each chicken to build a nest for themselves.

Let Them Play

One of the best ways to encourage your egg-laying chickens to produce more eggs is to make sure they’re happy. Contrary to popular belief, chickens need stimulation and playtime if you want them to thrive.

Pick up toys that they can peck at and play with.

Stop by your local pet supply store and look at toys designed for birds. Toss small balls that they can roll around into their pen. Use treat toys to keep them active and make them work for their food.

This will help them use their minds, burn excess energy, and keeps your flock happier for the long haul.

Feed Them the Right Foods

When raising chickens and finding ways to help them lay eggs more often, you’ll want to invest in the best chicken feed you can find. Look for a feed that offers the appropriate protein content for your flock’s age. You should be able to find several high-quality options at your local livestock supply store.

It’s also beneficial to let your chickens forage throughout the day. Let them eat the insects, grass, and plants that they find to further round out the nutrients they get each day.

The more well-rounded and complete their nutrition is, the easier it will be for your chickens to lay eggs.

Now You Know How to Get Chickens to Lay Eggs

Now that you know how to get chickens to lay eggs, you’ll be able to reap the rewards of having a flock in your backyard as soon as they settle in. But raising chickens is a big commitment.

You’ll need to care for them just like any other pet you have in your household.

Looking for more tips to help you keep your chickens healthy, happy, and thriving? Check out our latest posts.

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