Things to Keep in Mind: Finding the Best School in Sikar

Best School In Sikar

Whether you are looking for an RBSE, CBSE, or any residential school for your child. No matter what your choice is, while choosing any school for your child you need to do a lot of research and do careful planning. 


Yes, careful planning and deep research are a must thing to do before announcing the final decision. But, how will you do research and planning without expert tips? You may need expert guidance that will help you to understand which school would be the best fit for your child. 

Here, we are writing the specific points that will outline the milestones, tips, and frequently asked questions you may need when finding the best school in Sikar for your child.

Know Child’s Needs & Conditions

In order to get the best school in Sikar for your child, you need to start this journey by thinking about what you want in a school that will shape your child’s development and creativity. You should think carefully about what will work for your child because you are the one who understands him/her better. Also, ask yourself some questions that you think will give you a better idea about the school. 

Prepare a list of questions and discuss it with your child, and spouse.

Apart from the framed questions, we are also sharing some of the questions that you should ask yourself:

  • Does your child need some special learning? If so, what are these needs?
  • Does your child take time to learn things or maybe he/she needs individual attention?
  • Is your child good at creative things like arts or music?
  • Does your child learn better by listening?
  • What is your child more interested in physical activities or in indoor activities?
  • Is your child hesitate in group discussions?
  • What are the best transportation options for your child?
  • Does your child need extra care?

You need to understand your child’s personality, strengths, needs, and interests before choosing any school. Because you will never want to enroll your child in a school that is not according to your child’s needs.

Searching the Best School in Sikar

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First, you need to make a list of names of some schools that you feel that match your child’s needs. Then collect information about each school one by one. You may take the help of Google and other search engines to find some school names of Sikar. 

Being a parent, you should follow the smart method to identify the top school in sikar for your child. You need to read reviews, ask for references from friends, relatives, and neighbors who have made similar decisions before, and conduct research to find any reports or comments.

Visiting Schools 

After gathering the details about the shortlist schools, now it’s time to check them out in real. Meet school management and teachers face-to-face in order to grab more details about the schools. Also, go touring in classrooms to understand how the school works with students.

Here are some points you should consider while you’re touring school: 

  • How is the staff and teachers’ behavior? Is it friendly or not?
  • Are they keeping their students happy and satisfied?
  • How much cleanliness do they maintain everywhere such as classrooms, washrooms, canteen, and playground?
  • How is the school’s reputation among other people?
  • What is the mode of communication of school staff with students and parents?
  • Do they have smart classes, computer labs, and more facilities?
  • Does the school have a big ground for students to play in?
  • Is the principal close to the students and their parents?
  • Does the principal observe the teachers?
  • How is the attitude of the teachers when you ask any query about them and the school?
  • What is the teacher’s expertise? Are they well-qualified in their subjects?
  • How do they calculate the attendance rate of the students?
  • What are the other students’ and parents’ thoughts about the school?
  • Are parents allowed to be involved in the development of school policies?
  • Are other parents satisfied with the school?

Hence, ask these questions and see if the chosen school works for your child. 

Asking questions from the school

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Once you enter a school, you need to ask the questions that you think need to be cleared. Checkout, some of the questions you should ask are;

  • What are the school’s faculty education backgrounds?
  • What is the school learning approach? 
  • How do they make study interesting when students feel a burden or get bored in class?
  • Does the school offer modern learning tools when needed in the classroom?
  • How do they appreciate their students? 
  • Does the school offer timely support to their students when they need it? 
  • How do they give school homework? 
  • Does the school provide support for challenging programs such as PRMO, Olympiads, and more?
  • Are their classes well organized?
  • What is the school’s performance stability in the 10th, and 12th board results?
  • What are their special achievements?
  • How do the schools maintain discipline in their classrooms?
  • What is the school’s attendance, transport, safety policies?
  • When there is an emergency, how do they handle the situation?
  • Does the school conduct regular or weekly counseling for students?
  • Does the school library, canteen, playground look good?
  • Do they offer Wi-Fi facilities in labs, laboratories, and classrooms? 
  • Is there a doctor or nurse available at school?

After a One-to-One questioning battle, you need to understand whether school management and teachers answered all your questions positively. 

Deciding the Best School in Sikar

Now, after considering the above tips and steps you need to make a better decision for your child. Think carefully, discuss it with your family and child and then make a final decision about the school. 

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