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Scope & Importance of Digital Marketing in India and its Career Opportunities

Today the Indian economy has become more tech-savvy as everyone has a smartphone. The internet has made people realize the importance of digital marketing and its scope. Before technology came into existence traditional form of marketing was the source of income. This included hoardings, distribution of flyers, giving ads on radio, television and the media. The methods of business and marketing have changed with them switching to online marketing. This has made businesses even more resourceful and the creation of job opportunities feasible.

In the early stage it is definitely to discuss even to understand about digital marketing. It is a technical and complex course which requires understanding and studying to a certain level. This form of marketing if done taught in the right way and given practical training can become a big success. The best thing about this field is that one doesn’t have to be so qualified. This can be done by anyone. But the initial stage requires one to be placed under a professional and expert digital marketer for the other to understand what, why and how of digital marketing can be done in various industry wise segment without any discrimination.

Type of Jobs available in Digital Marketing under Career Opportunities

Search Engine Optimization Manager

SEO helps in managing and optimizing the website and online pages for its higher ranking.

Pay Per Click Manager

It helps in managing of marketing on result pages for search engines and social media for set of keywords for a specific website.

Social Media Marketing Manager

It is responsible for content management and optimization on social media.

Content Marketing Manager

The paid campaigns and organic content is managed by content marketing manager.

Email Marketing Manager

It is responsible for A-B testing to manage contents on email.

Mobile Marketing Manager

For management of optimization of online pages and its marketing as well as websites and applications for various screen sizes the work responsibility is of mobile marketing manager.

Digital Analytics Manager

Digital analytics managers are responsible for data analysis from various sources for online sales improvisation.

Final words about Importance & Career in Digital Marketing

The scope of digital marketing has already created a humongous audience and its immense presence on social media has also shown and proved within the years that the future in this field can lead to better Job opportunities. 

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