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How to Become a Teacher in Dubai!

If you are a teacher and want to teach in the UAE, this blog will make it aid you into attaining your goal without bombarding you with useless facts and yes TLS UAE is a must so without any further to do, let’s just dive into the information required for you to attain your goal. First let’s look at the ‘’why’’ perspective.

Reasons to become teach in UAE

Teaching in the UAE, due to their high demand of skilled educators, a teacher is offered a liberal compensation with additional fringe benefits.

  • The salary you are paid is not taxed by the authorities, so all the amount goes into your pocket.
  • Medical insurance is offered by the university you work at and covers up to 90% of your total bill.
  • You’ll be offered a free apartment by the University you teach at and also be allotted international trips for your holidays.
  •  We as human beings have a tendency to feel bored and drained quickly, luckily The Middle East is a piece of the world, wealthy in culture and custom, and home to blooming urban communities. On the off chance that you take a teaching job in Dubai or another legacy rich city, you can invest your energy outside the campus learning about another culture.

There’s no uncertainty that getting together the entirety of your things and migrating for a new position, either without anyone else or with your family to an alternate nation is frightening. You will be in a spot where nothing is well-known to you and you will be further away from your loved ones, just as everything that speaks to what your identity is, yet taking your new difficulties will assist you with the development of your personality. During your available time, you should visit a portion of the numerous authentic locales the UAE brings to the table, find out about the way of life, religion and even get familiar with the fundamentals of Arabic,  some of which you will catch wind of and gain from your new understudies.

How do I begin my teaching career in the UAE

First of all let’s address how to be a teacher in the UAE. To be a teacher in the UAE, one must pass through the criteria mentioned by the ministry of education. The Following are the UAE Ministry of Education requirements:

  •  The applicant must carry a degree of at least a bachelor’s degree or a 4-year university degree or higher in the required field they teach in.
  • They should not be associated with any sort of crime.
  • Their certificate of medical wellbeing from within the UAE.
  • Original education certificates
  • Verified certificates of the degree in case of the applicant studying from abroad. The certificate must be verifies and accepted by the ministry of foreign affairs and international cooperation and the country of origin’s embassy in the UAE

After you’ve met the mandatory criteria mentioned above, you must apply for a provisional teacher license in the UAE. The minimum criteria for that is to have at least a 6 on your IELTS or if your aim is to teach English, the IELTS score must be a 7. People often get confused by TLS UAE and the provisional teacher license when in fact TLS was the older name for the current provisional teacher license.  Now that you have all the facts and criteria’s known , you must plan accordingly and if planning becomes a hurdle, there are multiple academies or colleges that excel in such areas. You can also avail the service these colleges, the service of being thought how to prepare for the provisional teacher license examination, what course material to study and how to ace the exam. TLS UAEhas resulted in raising the bar for education in the UAE, so don’t miss your chance to be at the forefront of establishing the new era of education

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