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4 Right Steps to find Jobs in UAE

UAE has one of the strongest economies in the world and to find a job here, can be a lucrative opportunity. The country hosts top firms of the world and gives a great exposure to the employees. UAE has various advantages for employees, which one should know before leaving his country to start a career there. Emirates has oil as a major source of income but there are various other sectors that makes the country rich and independent. These sectors include finance, real estate, human resource, IT, medical, hospitality etc.

People from all around the world come to UAE to settle here and live a great life. Cities of this country like Dubai, Muscat, Sharjah etc. allow people to achieve their dreams if they have the right capability and skill. So, if people try and apply for relevant job opportunities in the right way, using effective job-hunting techniques then they certainly will find the right jobs. To make sure that the right candidates gets the right job the candidate has to do a proper research on various job websites and via job consultants to start jobs in UAE.  Today we will discuss 4 tested tips, that can help you on jobs easily.

Complete Market Research

The job market in UAE is quite competitive and hence a candidate needs to make a through search before opting for a career opportunity. The companies in UAE believe in workforce diversity and hence hire people from all backgrounds based on their potential the major population found in the country looks like (in decreasing order):

  • Native candidates
  • European Candidates 
  • Western Candidates
  • Asian Candidates
  • Candidates from other areas

If a candidate has the right skills with relevant experience then there are good chances for him or her to find the job with top companies of emirates. With the high supply of Asian candidates, the country has made a special hiring segment for potential employees from Asia. If a candidate decides to start a career journey in UAE, he/ she should start applying for jobs 4 weeks before coming to the country as for most companies here the screening time is between 2-3 weeks which will add on to wastage of time once you land here. So, once you set your goal make a through market research to find a relevant job, apply for it and in meanwhile fulfill your visa formalities.

Know the Right Way to Apply

UAE is hub for jobs hence, finding a job is an easier task here as compared to the rest of the world. With assortment of jobs in market one needs to understand that how one job opportunity differentiates from the other and how this understanding should be used to form different set of resumes for different jobs. Also, as UAE woks more on personal networking or vaasta so, one should always include cover letter along with the job application and add a few known references to secure job and make a right connect. Furthermore, if you are an immigrant or an expat then it is mandatory to highlight your visa expiry date and status as this will help you to fetch a job quickly.   

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Utilize Social Media to its Full Extent

Social media is widely used by many job contractors, agents and company’s HR’s to find the right candidates for the right jobs hence, the power of social media cannot be denied in UAE. Finding jobs in emirates makes it essential for a candidate to use social media and follow jobs related pages. All one needs to do is to make a professional profile on Facebook and LinkedIn and use relevant key skills for the profile one wants to get.  This social media usage can make a bigger impact in one’s job search. 

Create a profile on job Websites

Finding jobs in emirates via online job portals is one of the best ways to get a relevant job opportunity as most recruiters find potential candidates through job search portals. So, it is important for a candidate to make a job profile based on the UAE format. This will increase a candidate’s chance to get a job.

So, if you are the one looking for jobs in UAE, follow these four steps and lead a successful life.

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