What Is the Cost of Website Design?


Most people have access to the Internet, so it’s no surprise that nearly every business has a website. However, not everyone understands what goes into website design.

Put simply, web design is an elaborate process that involves web development, graphics design, a content plan, and so much more.

And then there is knowing what goes on behind building a web design and understanding the costs associated with the process. If you’re more concerned about the second at the moment, let’s explore.

Here is a rundown of the key issues that impact the cost of website design and how you can handle each one more efficiently.

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Size of the Website

The cost of website design can vary greatly, depending on its size and complexity. A small, basic website may cost a few hundred dollars to create, while a large, complex website can cost several thousand.

The bigger the website, the more effort the designer must put in to complete the design and provide the required functionality. Naturally, all these will translate to a higher cost.

Complexity of the Website

The cost of web design can also be affected by its complexity. A website that requires complicated features will need the expertise of an experienced company like Big Red Jelly. On top of that, it will also cost more.

That’s because complex designs demand more time, effort, skill, and talent. It is also natural for such a project to command a higher price compared to its more basic equivalent.

Level of Customization

In web design, customization is the process of creating a website that specifically addresses the needs of the client. As a result, the more customized a website is, the more expensive it will cost.

Consider a hotel website in need of room reservation and guest profile features, not to mention intensive branding for every page. This type of website will naturally cost more than that of a manufacturing company whose main purpose is to provide product information.

Level of Support You Need

Let’s say a school needs a website for processing enrolment and tuition fees, setting up the faculty’s schedule, and monitoring the costs of a building expansion project.

Compare this to the website of a bed and breakfast that needs only a basic hotel reservation feature. The support required by the school will obviously be greater than that of the bed and breakfast. Hence, its website will also cost higher.

The Cost of Website Design and Maintaining a Balance

No website design guide can give you a one-size-fits-all answer to the question of how much this service will cost. Every business has different needs, so the cost of website design can vary, depending on a variety of factors.

By carefully considering all three factors above, you can get a rough estimate of the cost of web design for your specific project. And just before you pick a designer to hire, keep in mind that price alone should never be a deciding factor.

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