Top 3 services offered by accounting firms

Accounting Services Singapore

Singapore is one of the top economies in the world as of this moment. It is one of the most active and the most successful when it comes to economic conditions. The various businesses that are currently present in the busy districts of Singapore make it one of the best and the most favorite places for big corporations to set up or expand. It offers many business-friendly and relaxed laws and regulations for any type and any size of the company. There are so many businesses present in Singapore that these businesses have birth head to a new industry.

This new industry is the third-party firms that offer big corporations a helping hand in handling their businesses. These firms make a business out of the busy environments of these corporations. One of these firms is those that offer accounting services Singapore commissions. They aim to make the workload and big corporations easier and lighter by providing external services. These accounting firms in Singapore are made up of licensed and registered individuals that can provide accurate and correct accounting services. Out of all these firms accounting services Singapore providers are the most in-demand. It is because accounting is one of the most vital and important parts of conducting business. To know why accounting firms in Singapore provide an important role in every company, here are the top three services that they offer.

Top 3 services offered by accounting firms

#1 Organized bookkeeping and accounting services Singapore

Keeping an organized bookkeeping and accounting system is important to keep track of everything that is going in and going out of every company. This is why this is the most important thing that accounting firms in Singapore offer. Being able to keep track of your supplies and sales makes your business run smoothly and remain profitable.

Bookkeeping and accounting documents keep a clean record of important financial matters in the company. This way, these documents can be easily pulled out when needed in the future. These documents can save your company from legal mishaps in the future that is why it is important to get a firm that offers these kinds of accounting services Singapore commissions.

#2 Planning your taxes

Another one of the most important and vital parts of a business is paying & filing taxes regularly. This is one of the laws and regulations that Singapore strictly observes to make sure that all businesses are legally following their policies. Failure in complying with time and paying the right amount of taxes can lead to huge fines and even jail time for the owners of the business. That’s why accounting firms in Singapore must be well-versed and trained to deal with tax regulation in Singapore.

#3 Business valuation and development

Accounting services Singapore firms are also required to submit accounting reports that contain progress reports of the company. This way, the company can be evaluated accordingly. Being able to have an overview of the company’s performance allows them to improve or replace current strategies.

What to look for in accounting firms in Singapore


If you are choosing from different accounting firms in Singapore, it is important to note their expertise. When you hire an accounting services Singapore firm, it is more advisable to hire a company that has already and experience working with a company similar to yours. This way they would know what kinds of accounting services Singapore works your company needs. It is also more cost-efficient to choose an accounting services Singapore provider that already knows how your industry was. They would be able to start things immediately and waste no time.


There are many accounting firms in Singapore to choose from. These firms offer almost similar services when it comes to accounting. That is why it is important to choose the most practical one. Reviewing the rates and fees of the accounting firms in Singapore is one of the things that you must consider. However, you must find the right balance between cheap high-quality service.

Feedback or reviews

What the past clients have to say is also important when you choose an accounting firm. Aside from their skills and experiences, accounting services provider specialists should also treat their clients well. You can only gauge how they treat their customers based on the reviews and feedback.

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There are various ways an accounting firm can help you and your business grow. WLP Group is one of the top accounting firms in Singapore that can help you with your accounting needs. Visit us today to know more about our top-tier services.