Reverse Tuck End RTE Boxes, What Makes them So Popular?

Reverse tuck end RTE boxes are among the most common types of packaging boxes you see on the shelves of a retail store. 

These boxes have a top flap that closes from the rear side of the box to the front. Whereas the flap at the bottom closes in the opposite direction. It closes from the front to the rear of the box. Besides the two supporting smaller flaps on the bottom and top allow a secure closure through friction.

The reverse tuck and boxes are easy to close and easy to open. You can open them from either the top or the bottom. These boxes have a very simple and yet practical design. The simplicity of design and a high degree of customizability allows a huge variety of objects to be packaged in these boxes.

The reverse tuck end boxes are shipped pre-glued. You do not need to glue them, fold or staple them for assembly. In short, you just put your product inside these boxes and they are ready to go to the retail shelf.

The huge majority of the cereal boxes, soapboxes, lotion boxes, etc. you see on the retail shelves are the reverse tuck end boxes. They are ideal to hold medium to heavy-weight objects.

Let us have a look into the advantages for which the reverse tuck end boxes are preferred by uncountable businesses around the globe.

They Have a Simple and Secure Design

The success of the reverse tuck end boxes lies in their simple structure. They offer an easy and quick closure and opening.  Besides, since these boxes are shipped pre-glued, it reduces the effort, labor, and time needed to assemble the packaging boxes. This means you save a bit on the labor cost as well. All you need to do is to put your product in the boxes and they are ready to go.

Moreover, the flaps closing in opposite directions provide a fairly high degree of security. They are capable of securely holding medium weight and even heavyweight items.  The reverse tuck end boxes made with high-end card stock are durable enough to provide the required protection to the protectors. These boxes are ideal to be used to ship the products to long distances. They can bear extreme weather conditions, moisture, and shock

Reverse Tuck End Boxes can be Customized

 Another reason for the popularity of reverse tucks and boxes is their high level of customizability. They are like a blank canvas and they provide a large plane surface to be printed in any way you like.

The reverse tuck end boxes can be made in all sizes. They also come in a huge range of design variations. For example, die-cut window boxes are among the most common designs in reverse tuck end boxes. These laminated windows enhance the display of the products. Besides, they offer a high degree of protection to the product because they reduce the need to examine the product by taking it out of the box. Hence, the product is safeguarded against unnecessary touch. 

Moreover, the hanging tabs can be added to these boxes so that the product becomes visible at the most prominent spot in a store. This helps increase the chances of impulsive buying.

Custom RTE Boxes Can Be Printed and Laminated in Many Ways

The custom reverse tuck boxes carry your logo in style. You can use both offset and digital printing to get the graphics of your choice on these boxes. Besides, the advanced printing techniques are also well supported by cardboard RTE boxes. Get your logo embossed or debossed for a 3D look. Use gold or silver foiling to shine out your competitors and be noticed. 

Similarly, you can laminate your reverse tuck end boxes to make them look premium. It makes your boxes more presentable and adds value to the product by making it look more elite. Besides, an additional coating also means an additional layer of protection. The final coating protects the print against wear besides giving your box a shine. You can go for a gloss finish, semi-gloss finish, aqueous coating, matte finish, rose gold finish, and many others.