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From Quentin Tarantino to Ananya Panday, here are five celebs who are in love with Peppa Pig and her adorable fam!
Ananya Panday To Gigi Hadid & Quentin Tarantino, These Celebs Love Peppa Pig! (Photo Credit –Instagram/wikimedia/Poster)

For some, watching this cute little piggy is like an essential morning routine while others enjoy having them around all the time. That’s the admiration and love Peppa Pig enjoys. The endearing personality is not just infectious for kids but adults too! Don’t believe us? Check out the below list listing 5 such celebrities:

1. Quentin Tarantino

Unbelievable, right? One of the greatest filmmakers of all time is a huge fan of animated series! “…I watch it a lot. I’ll say it – Peppa Pig is the greatest British import of this decade,” he was once quoted saying!

Quentin Tarantino

2. Gigi Hadid

All thanks to her daughter Khai, this model and TV personality is a fan of Peppa too! At the little one’s birthday party in September this year, Gigi Hadid and her former partner Zayn Malik threw a Peppa Pig-themed bash!

Gigi Hadid/ Instagram Stories

3. Prince William and Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton

Even royals have fallen for the charm of Peppa! The Duke of Cambridge and Princess of Wales (Duchess of Cambridge) enjoy watching this cartoon with their children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

4. Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea/ Twitter

The Australian rapper and Peppa’s fun feud on Twitter a few years back are proof of their mutual love for each other. Around 2019, seeing that the release date of Iggy’s album ‘In My Defense’ coincided with Peppa Pig’s first album, Iggy tweeted “It’s over for me now”!

5. Ananya Panday

The young Bollywood star and her sister Rysa were seen spending some of their quarantine time in 2020 painting Peppa Pig. Also, on several occasions, Ananya Panday has been spotted with a cute white tote bag that had a stuffed Peppa Pig hanging to it!

Ananya Panday

These celebs are just a few of those who love Peppa Pig. If you and your kids love her too, here’s some good news!

Peppa Pig Live, a musical extravaganza, is coming back to India and will make its stop at Mumbai between November 12-13!

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