Pontoon Boat Inflatable Accessories That Really Will Last

pontoon boat

According to statistical data, there are approximately 1.1 million pontoon boats registered in America.

A pontoon boat is a ton of fun, but the accessories that come with them often aren’t. They’re often made out of cheap and flimsy material that doesn’t last through more than one season.

Not only is it frustrating when your accessories don’t last, but it can also be really expensive to keep replacing them every year.

But don’t worry. Keep reading for our complete guide to inflatable pontoon accessories that will hold up against years of use.

Pontoon Boat Inflatable Anchor

This is very important for all types of inflatable boats. That’s because if you’re not using an anchor, there is no way to prevent drifting, which can lead to loss of storage contents or even losing the boat!

An anchor should be attached at all times when your boat is in use. This buoyant portable hook weighs 1 – 2 pounds, depending on size, and is perfect for throwing overboard to slow down your boat.

But make sure you tie the anchor line before dropping it.

Air Pump

As one of the more essential pontoon boat accessories, an air pump will ensure that there are no unexpected air leaks or punctures. And don’t forget to bring along an extra battery for your pump just in case!

The entire system of the inflatable pontoons can fail if even one part fails.

Sun Shade Canopy

When outdoors, it’s important to shield yourself from harmful UV rays which can cause skin cancer. This is especially true when you’re on a watercraft because it’s typically closer to the sun than you would be on land.

Umbrellas are nice but can be easily blown away by any wind. Instead, look for a sunshade canopy that’s designed especially for the pontoon boat to protect you from those harmful rays.

Side Rail Rope Bridle Kit

This is one of the best pontoon boat inflatable accessories. It’s popular because it provides security and safety.

The kit consists of 2 – 8 ft long ropes that are attached on each side of the pontoons between gunwale and railing with series knot loops attached also, which prevents your inflatable from tipping over.

Lake And River Tubes With Handles

These inflatable tubes come equipped with a single tow-point at the head area, backrests, repair patch kits, carry handles for easy carrying, and a detachable footrest. They are very lightweight, transported easily, and can be deflated.

Heavy-Duty Aluminum Oars

Who wants to row a boat with cheap plastic oars that bend or break? That’s why it’s best to invest in heavy-duty aluminum oars which will not crack the first time you place them in the water.

They’re lightweight yet durable, allowing you to effortlessly navigate your boat. They even come with a five-year warranty.

Transom Shower With Hose

Enjoying a day on the lake should include a relaxing shower after all that swimming. But don’t forget the hose because it’s a must-have for your inflatable pontoons!

Some boats just have a bucket with a sponge but that can be difficult to use and inconvenient because the sponge will not stay wet.

The inflatable transom shower is easy to install and provides fresh water directly from your lake or river.

Improve Your Pontoon Boat Possibilities

Pontoon boat inflatable accessories can make your time on the water even more enjoyable. With tough and durable materials, you can rest assured that your new additions will last for years to come.

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