Have your logo printed on promotional Shirts, Jackets and Polo Shirts


With us you can have your jackets and polo shirts printed with your logo. Your service bears your name.

You will quickly notice that you are getting more attention with these customers – oriented advertising measures, because your work clothes, such as jackets and polo shirts with the name on the back, are always visible and present to your customers at work. The parcel messenger carries the jacket as a promotional item; the craftsman in customer service has your logo on his chest and the sales representative on the collar of the polo shirt: everyone enjoys the benefits of using jackets and promotional accessories with your logo and name as have promotional items printed. You can use a logo maker to create your logo online for free.

These promotional shirts are available for both women and men, and the uniform appearance has a serious effect on customers and business partners. At the same time, your employees represent the company, which the customers will certainly trust even more. The advertising material looks just as reliable and professional as your service is for your customers. Good performance needs a name and a logo.

High quality basic textiles

The high-quality textiles are a good prerequisite for bearing the name and logo of your company as an advertising medium. Choose the color and different sizes for your promotional items that match your company characteristics. Let your creativity flow. Your customers will definitely remember a good slogan or slogan. Make sure that your employees identify with the values ​​and characteristics of your company philosophy. The jackets and polo shirts with your logo will make your work uniforms something very special.

Visually appealing advertising material

Use the printed jackets and polo shirts as effective advertising media. No matter in which industry and in which situation. Every day you and your employees wear a jacket with your company’s name on it. Whether on-site with your customers, in your branch or at a trade fair. Your promotional jackets or shirts will definitely support your marketing campaign in the best possible way and appeal to your customers in a pleasant manner. A look at the polo shirts and the connection to your service is immediately available. The later recognition value should not be underestimated. Get in contact with us and you will be given competent advice on which advertising material suits you and your employee’s best. If you would like samples in order to get a better picture, please let us know.

We offer you fair prices

Another advantage of this investment over other advertising measures is the cost. The promotional shirts or jackets are permanent advertising. If you can have your advertising material printed by us, you can reorder your advertising shirts very quickly and, above all, more cheaply, as the original layout for your advertising material is already available. Send us your polo t shirts with company logo or lettering and we will print your jackets or polo shirts quickly so that you can enjoy the fact that all of your employees are representatives of your company and its name at the same time. The serious appearance with your name is visible to everyone and conveys your success. You should therefore print your logo on your promotional items in the form of jackets and polo shirts. You will be amazed how often, and especially where you and your employees will reach your customers. And your performance will certainly be associated with your name.