A Guide to Buy Quality Power Tools

If you are thinking of investing in power tool for yourself or as a gift to someone, here’s an absolute beginner’s guide to help you make the right choice:

Corded Power Drill

This is mainly used for drilling holes in wood, metal, stone, plastics, glass, brick, concrete, and tiles. You can get a wide variety of drill bits available these days. The choice depends on the kind of material you wish to drill. For drilling flat bits of wood, metal and masonry, go for HSS (High Speed Steel) drill.

For drilling holes in stubborn spots, a right angled chuck adapter is the best choice. It should fit well into the chuck of the drill. You can also check out flexible drives available on the market. Wire brushes and mounted points are also used by professionals for grinding purposes.

Variable speed setting is known to be the most convenient type. It facilitates you to drill hole without the bit moving around the spot a lot. Lower speeds are recommended for bits with larger diameter.

Cordless Drill

This tool is best used for drilling holes in:

  • Metal
  • Plastics
  • Wood
  • Masonry

This power tool is similar to any other cordless power tool. It is free of a power cord. You don’t need to deal with cables. A cordless drill is easier to use for hard to reach or stubborn areas. You can take it on higher roofs, ladders and even to the garage without power flex. This power tool is balanced and user friendly. You can use it one hand. On the other hand, corded drills are heavier on top and tough to drill single handedly. You can get this drill with varied torque settings. This helps chuck slip as soon as a preset twisting force gets applied to a screw. It prevents screw from over-driving into timber.

When buying, you should consider low and high speed setting. For driving TEK screws, choose a model with (55 NM torque maximum) to cope with strong timber.

Angle Grinder

This tool will help you to cut plastic, metal, roof sheeting, masonry, and tiles. The tool can also be used to grind these materials. It makes use of a disk spun at high RPM which helps with performing the cutting action. Many different accessories are available to be used with angle grinders such as pads for sanding and wire brushes. You can use this for paint and rust removal.

Rotary Tool

Also referred to as “Dremels”, these power tools are lower powered. You can consider them as DIY equivalent of die grinders. A rotary tool will help you to carry out the following operations:

  • Grind
  • Sand
  • Carve
  • Cut
  • Slot
  • Router
  • Hollow
  • Engrave
  • Sharpen
  • Debur

Rotary tools are very similar to power drills. However, these are more slender and designed for one hand use. These come equipped with g speed electric motor (runs at up to 35,000 RPM). It spins a chuck type clamp that holds many collets (sleeves) of different sizes.

Grinding stones can be bought in varied shapes and sizes. You buy power tools and use for general grinding, removing material, enlarging holes, sharpening etc. Other accessories available with this tool include sanding drums, flapwheels, discs, polishing accessories, saw-toothed metal cutting disks, diamond coated wheels, soft plastic and wire brushes, high speed cutters, carbide cutters, etc.

Remember that this tool is designed in a fashion to carry out small scale tasks including model and jewelry making. You can also use this at your home workshop to avoid inconvenience of storing and maintaining larger tool.

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