George Clooney aka Hollywood’s Prankster Once Pulled A ‘Fake Letter’ Prank On Meryl Streep That Led To Her Avoid Brad Pitt For 5 Years



George Clooney Reveals Pranking Meryl Streep By Sending Letters Pretending To Be Brad Pitt
Meryl Streep Fell For George Clooney’s Prank That Led To Her Avoiding Brad Pitt For Years(Pic Credit: Wikipedia )

George Clooney once pranked Meryl Streep, which led to the actress avoiding Brad Pitt for 5 years. The Tickets to Paradise actor is known for pulling hilarious pranks on his Hollywood peers, especially Pitt. One of the most memorable ones was when he put a bumper sticker on the Fight Club actor’s brand-new car.

The sticker, which was in a shape of a marijuana leaf, read, “F*ck Cops.” Brad didn’t notice it until he was pulled over by police. It is not just the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood actor who fell for Clooney’s prank. Matt Damon, Tina Fey, Bruce Willis, and more celebs have fallen prey to his shenanigans.

Now, it turns out even Meryl Streep couldn’t escape George Clooney’s pranks, and that cost her to avoid Brad Pitt for years. While appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the Batman & Robin actor revealed he’s been secretly pen-palling around with other celebrities’ stationery. “I sent her (Meryl) a letter years ago with a bunch of CDs that were a dialect coach,” Clooney recalled.

“And I sent it from Brad, a bunch of CDs to Meryl Streep. I said, ‘This guy helped me with my accent in Troy, I thought maybe he could help you,’” George Clooney continued. “Meryl Strep said she avoided Brad Pitt for like five years!” he added. His pen-pal pranks also went up to the White House.

George revealed that he got hold of Bill Clinton’s old White House stationery. “The White House stationery of Bill Clinton, Bill Clinton’s actual stationery. And I send actors all the time letters from Bill Clinton about how much he loved their movies, which I guarantee they’re hanging up in their homes. So if anyone’s watching, take the picture down, take it down,” the actor said.

Only George Clooney can pull something like this. We wonder how Meryl Streep would have reacted after realizing the letters weren’t really from Brad Pitt.

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