Celeste Towers by Assotech Limited

Assotech Limited is one of the leading brands in the field of real estate. For the last 25 years, they have been serving people with luxurious homes and commercial projects. 

Real estate is evolving with time and at a very fast pace. Looking at the needs of the people and the kind of housing societies they wish to live in, Assotech Limited has been keeping in mind all of these things and enhancing the lives of people by delivering beautiful dream homes. 

They will soon become the most innovative and creative developers of residential as well as commercial projects in the country. 

Assotech developers are working on a project that is named Celeste towers. It is a residential project offering luxuries to people matching the international standard. The tagline of this project – “Restyle your life that is world-class and a world apart”, is an epitome of luxury, comfort, and a royal life that is offered by Celeste Towers. 

Located in a posh area of Sector 44, Noida, it is said to be one of the tallest and the most luxurious residential projects in Delhi NCR. It is a 35-floor high-rise building that will be spread across 14,331 sq. Ft and provides its residents a 360 view of the Noida skyline. The project has two towers – Corona and Europa, both of which are 121 meters tall. 

The important features about Celeste Corona and Celeste Europa 

Celeste towers are a project that portrays a luxurious lifestyle. It is situated in the heart of the city, Noida. 

The project designed has some key factors that people should know about Assotech Celeste Towers before investing in the project – 

  • Spa facility at the 32nd floor of the towers 
  • swimming pool on the 32nd floor 
  • and private life in the apartment. 

These are some features about the building that one should know for a better and clear picture of the towers. 

The two towers also have some great features that one should know – 

Celeste Corona towers: 

  • There is a business lounge where people can sort and do their official or office work.  
  • There is also a business room worth a rooftop swimming pool. 
  • A squash court for people who love playing squash and like spending time playing sports 
  • water body solar panels 
  • High entrance lobbies with mailboxes and waiting areas in every tower. 
  • Sit outs for senior citizens. 
  • Play area and an amphitheater for all age groups. 
  • Basement parking for the residents. 

Celeste Europa towers:

  • Business lounge and solar panels
  • infinity swimming pool and world-class gym
  • Cloud 9 privilege club
  • Well planned 2, 3, 3+study rooms, and 4+SR bedrooms. 

The features are almost similar in both the towers. There might be one or two things that might be extra or less, but rest, both of them offer luxurious homes. 

Amenities or facilities about Assotech Celeste towers

Celeste Towers by Assotech Limited are luxurious homes and give a feeling of comfort and convenience to the residents of the society. 

Some amenities or facilities will be provided to the residents of the society. All these amenities will make the residents feel comfortable and entertain them. 

Mentioned below are some amenities that are offered by Assotech Celeste Towers: 

  • A gym and a workout space. The gym is filled with brand new and good equipment and is spacious. People who wish to do a hardcore workout can do it with all the provided types of equipment! 
  • There is a business lounge with a rooftop swimming pool. This place is crafted specifically for people who wish to have a professional as well as a chill environment. This is a very good facility for people who wish to work professionally in a quiet place with comfort – all of this is present in this room. 
  • A squash court is also built for all the squash players. The court is big and is open for all. 
  • Every member of society gets private parking of their own. Each flat will be allotted one parking space.
  • There is 24×7 security and the premises are guarded by security guards all the time. 
  • CCTVs are also installed all over the premises and inside the residency to keep the premises protected. 
  • Last, but not least, there is a beautiful park with a lot of greenery. The residents would feel happy and calm sitting in the garden during morning and evening walks. And a seating arrangement for senior citizens. 

These are some amenities that can make people happy and keep them entertained. All these amenities are designed in such a way that people will feel the luxury and the lavish life in their dream homes. 

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Celeste towers are a key to luxurious living and can make people feel comfortable as well as happy. 

It is a project that is worth investing in! The residential project is set up in the heart of the city, Noida. Visit their property at Sector 44, Noida, and buy the key to your luxurious life!