6 Tips for Hiring Dryer Repair Services in Minneapolis


Every year in the U.S. we throw away around 9.4 million tons of electronic waste, including household appliances such as dryers. It makes better sense for the environment and your bank account to spend much less to get your current dryer fixed, rather than buying a new one.

If you live in Minneapolis, there are a few options on the table when it comes to dryer repair services. In this guide, we’ll provide you with 6 tips so you can choose the best one for your needs.

Read on to learn how to find a reliable and professional dryer repair service.

1. Check Online Reviews

Your first port of call regarding dryer repair should be to check online reviews. You can now go to websites that have verified customer reviews about repair services.

A go-to website to read legitimate customer reviews is Trustpilot.com. On there, you’ll be able to read reviews from actual customers, without any company interference.

A quick way to judge a company on this website is to look at its star ratings. If the star rating is above three and a half star ratings on average, the company is often worth checking out.

It’s no good relying on customer testimonials on a repair service’s website. The reason for this is they are only ever going to put up positive ones.

2. Get More Than One Quote

It’s tempting to go with the first quote you get so that you can get your dryer fixed as soon as possible. However, it might be the case that the quote that the Minneapolis dryer repair service offered you is way over the normal price range for the type of work that needs doing.

So make sure you get at least three quotes before you commit to one dryer repair service. However, the more quotes the better!

Another tip to consider is that you shouldn’t always go straight for the cheapest option. If you are set on that because you’re on a budget, at least check the company’s reviews, and take heed of the other advice we’re offering in this post.

3. Ask About Experience

The last thing you want is an inexperienced Minneapolis dryer repair service coming to your home, scratching their head at the dryer problem you have, and then saying they can’t fix it. It’s a waste of time for you and them.

Instead, when you call up any Minneapolis dryer repair services, make sure to ask them about their experience. What’s even more important is that you ask them if they have specific experience dealing with your brand and model of dryer. This way, the repair person can bring along some spare parts that they may need to fix your dryer.

4. Inquire About Payment Methods

Asking about payment methods at the first point of contact with a dryer repair service is a wise move. If you don’t ask, later down the line you might be struggling to figure out how to pay a company that only accepts limited forms of payment.

A professional dryer repair company should be able to offer multiple payment options. Of course, cash is always king for most circumstances like this. So it might be a good idea to take a trip to the ATM and pull out the necessary funds so you don’t have any payment issues once the repair service has fixed your dryer.

5. Location Is Key

It might be that you’ve found a repair service with top ratings online and they’ve got all the experience you would expect for a professional repair service. Yet, if the company is located 30 or 40 miles from your home, they might not be the best choice.

You should expect convenience and speed with an appliance repair service. When a company is located so far away, it could be much more hassle than you thought waiting for the repair team to arrive.

Ideally, you want a service that does not interfere with your everyday commitments. Just think how much more it will cost you if you have to lose a day’s work waiting for a repair team stuck in traffic.

6. Try to Identify the Problem

Now we’ll run through some tips to help you identify three common electric dryer problems. If you feel confident enough and have a multimeter, you can carry out both checks. If you don’t have a multimeter, we recommend you at least do the first check.

So first, you should open your dryer door and look around the frame for something that looks like a switch or latch that moves when you press it. If you hear a clicking sound, then the component is working fine. However, if there is no clicking noise, then you will need to replace it.

The second check requires you to have a multimeter. You can buy cheap ones at a local store for around $10. Now make sure before you carry out this test that your dryer is unplugged.

You’re going to test the start switch. To do this, go around the back of your dryer and undo the top panel with a screwdriver. Behind where the start switch is, you should see two connectors.

Remove the connectors. Next, set your meter to continuity.

When you put the two leads together from the meter, there should be a noise that indicates a current. Proceed to put a single lead on each of the two connector points on your dryer.

If there is a noise when you push your starter switch when the leads are touching the points, then your dryer should be working. If there is no noise, then you have identified the problem.

By checking such things, you make your life much easier when it comes to explaining the problem to a professional. For instance, if your starter switch is broken, the repair service can come along with a new one and fix it super quick! Or you could even attempt to fix the problem yourself.

What to Look for in Dryer Repair Services

Now you have some good ideas of what to look for in dryer repair services. Check reviews, get multiple quotes, and check their experience. Also, ask about payment, make sure the company isn’t too far from you, and try to identify any problems yourself first.

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