6 Common Onboarding Mistakes to Avoid for Your Business

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Did you know that good employee retention can maximize company profits up to 4 times? Retaining employees starts from the very beginning. The hiring process and onboarding process are especially essential to keeping employees.

First impressions mean everything in business but some companies fail to realize a good impression needs to come from both sides.

One way to increase employee retention is by avoiding common employee onboarding errors. Keep reading to learn six onboarding mistakes to avoid with each new hire.

1. Not Preparing for Arrival

One of the onboarding mistakes to avoid is not preparing for the arrival of your new hire. Not only would this be unprofessional, but you’ll waste time gathering equipment and resources that you should’ve already had ready.

Here’s a shortlist of the things to do:

  • Provide them with equipment
  • Give them access to company databases and platforms
  • Provide login information
  • Create a schedule

Preparing for arrival is simple, but scrambling to gather the correct tools is not.

2. Fail to Explain the Big Picture

When onboarding new employees, you’ll likely give them a senior staff member to shadow. While this is beneficial, not providing the new hire with an overview of the company won’t be helpful.

Employees will observe others to help with decision-making and overall contribution to the business. If you want the new employees to stay engaged, show them the big picture goals of the business.

3. Not Explaining Expectations

What do you expect from new employees? If you know the answer, you should be able to make these expectations clear. When employees don’t understand what they need to be doing, they’ll become demotivated and lost.

Even if the expectations are outlined in the job description, you should go over them during the onboarding process.

4. Failing to Provide Feedback

New employees are bound to make mistakes. When you provide feedback for employees, they’ll correct their mistakes and avoid forming bad habits.

5. Thinking the Onboarding Process Takes One Day

A structured onboarding process is going to take longer than one day to complete. When you try to speed up this process, you’ll leave employees to the job without completely understanding what to do.

Depending on your business, onboarding can take a few days or up to a week. Give your new employees time to adjust to the new environment and adhere to business expectations.

6. Not Using Onboarding Technology

Technological onboarding solutions can help streamline the onboarding process. Innovative Employee Solutions can help you create a customized process that fits all of your business needs.

Employee Onboarding Mistakes to Avoid With Each Hire

Every time you hire a new employee, there is ample room for mistakes. If you want a great hire to become a great asset to your business, there are employee onboarding mistakes to avoid.

With the right onboarding process in place, your new employees can create habits that help them succeed in the workplace. The work that you do on the onboarding process will benefit your business in the long run.

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