3 Commercial Property Shopping Mistakes and How to Avoid Them


Trying to build long-term wealth for yourself? You’re not going to be able to unless you can master the art of smart investing.

Financial experts agree that true wealth cannot be obtained just by shaving off the corners of your weekly paycheck — you’ll need to invest those savings somewhere they can grow. For many people, that will be in commercial real estate.

Of course, if you’re starting to look at the market, you’ll want to make sure that you’re well aware of the commercial property shopping mistakes that you’ll want to avoid.

What are some of the biggest blunders that you’ll want to stay clear of? Read on and we’ll walk you through what you need to know.

1. Buying During The Wrong Market Cycle

A lot of people are familiar with the buyers’ and sellers’ markets when it comes to home real estate. These same ideas will be key when it becomes time to lock down some commercial real estate property.

If you buy a property during a seller’s market, you might end up paying much more than you would otherwise have to for a property. The heavy competition will push prices up across an area, but these prices can and will come down when competition lessons.

Waiting until there are buyer’s market conditions in the area can help you to make a better profit off of this kind of investment. Remember, the cycles of the real estate market happen at a local level and can differ from trends occurring at the national level.

Do your research before making any kind of purchase!

2. Failure to Budget and Plan

Commercial real estate property is a big investment and one that takes a good amount of work to pull off successfully. It’s not something that you can be terribly spontaneous about.

A smart investor will plan out his investment in detail far before making any kind of final deal. That includes budgeting out the expenses for the property for a year or two years after purchase.

There’s a lot to cover besides just the mortgage when you purchase this kind of property, after all. Utilities, insurance, and other elements will need to be accounted for.

A smart investor will also plan out how they plan to rent the space and at what price, so that they can determine how long it will take to become profitable.

3. Property Needs Too Many Repairs

There’s nothing wrong with investing in a fixer-upper, but purchasing a property that requires too much work can create a financial situation that will be hard to overcome.

Commercial property repair can be expensive, and the more you spend on repairs, the more you’ll need to make in order to even break even.

Getting through these time projects can be time-intensive as well — it’s possible you won’t even open your doors before you have to succumb to the work and costs associated with the property.

It’s best to walk away from a property that requires too many repairs to be workable. You can look here to see what types of commercial properties may be available.

Common Commercial Property Shopping Mistakes

Hitting the market and looking to pick up some commercial real estate soon? You’ll want to make sure you’re familiar with the above common commercial property shopping mistakes.

The above are a few key mistakes that you’ll want to avoid as you work towards your new investment.

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