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Top Travel Agencies In Rochester, NY

Traveling to faraway places, exploring different cultures, and jumping onto different adventure activities are some of the things which make you travel to different places. And sometimes you want to go out for no reason, maybe just for refreshment. However, when it comes to planning vacations or holidays, we don’t have time, and it then becomes a headache.

In that case, you search for the best travel agency near me so that you can choose the right agency who can take care of all your travel details and requirements. They not only save your planning hours but also help you save a lot of money through different holiday deals.

If you live in Rochester and want to plan a holiday soon, then here are some of the top travel agencies in Rochester that can enthusiastically meet your needs and demands.

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Travanya is a popular and well-trusted travel agency in Rochester that has been helping the different wanderlust souls in fulfilling their travel dreams since 2010. With over ten years of experience in the travel industry, Travanya has gained a reputable position in the travel industry and promises to provide end-to-end holiday packages at an affordable price range. Travanya assures its clients to provide a seamless travel experience from planning, booking, and finally arranging your holiday. The travel company also gives its customers the option to customize their packages according to their budget and needs. They also offer 24×7 customer care assistance to help all travelers plan the best holidays at any time of the day. Travnaya assures top-quality travel services to give you an opportunity to boost your travel experience to the world. 


When you search for a reliable travel agency near me on the internet, then you will indeed find Superfares on the top. Superflares is an all-inclusive flight booking portal that provides its services all across the major regions of the world. They not only help you plan your flight bookings but also ensure that you also travel comfortably. With Superfares, you can enjoy the lowest prices on the airfares, mega deals, and discounts. They also provide different travel packages, including the best travel itinerary for group travel, business travel, and others according to the clients’ needs. Their friendly travel experts are just a call away and will help you find the best flight deals for your favorite destinations.


Every traveler, once in his or her life, plans to visit India. If that’s the case with you, then the most reliable travel agency for you in Rochester will be MyTicketsToIndia. It is the best one-stop destination for all your flight bookings. They provide the best deals on air tickets to India as well to other major regions as well. They also have a team of travel experts who understand the client’s requirements and then provide assistance accordingly. You can leave all your worries about flight bookings and other holiday requirements to the travel agents of MyTicketsToIndia. They have also been awarded many times for providing quality services in the travel market. If you are doing searches regarding the best travel agency near me, then get in touch with the travel experts of MyTicketsToIndia and feel free to plan your affordable vacations with them.

CarpeDiem Travel

CarpeDiem Travel agency is a well-known full-service corporate and personal travel agency headquartered in Rochester. With over 30 years of experience in the travel industry, they have the best experience in assisting clients with their travel needs. From the beginning of your travel plans to the execution part, their travel agents keep you in the loop throughout the process. CarpeDiem Travel agency also provides customized vacation packages to different destinations, including travel, accommodation, and other necessary things. Just hop onto their website, fill in your details, enjoy the best travel packages, and begin your travel journey.

Lux World Travel

Lux Travel World is a popular travel agency in Rochester specializing in wellness vacations and offers travel packages that are inclusive of luxury activities like wellness, yoga, spas, adventure, wildlife, and spiritual journeys. The official website of Lux World Travel also features one-of-a-kind trip itineraries for both small and large groups. They also help with customized adventure trips and religious tours across the world in different modes of transport at affordable prices. Due to their particular niche in the travel industry, Lux World Travel travel experts interact personally with the clients and ensure to provide the best services.

Travel Ease

Planning vacations is not an easy task, and this is why you look for the right travel agency near me on the internet who can make this task easy for you. Travel Ease is the agency that can help you make your travel plans easily. It is a licensed full-service travel agency in Rochester which holds a good position in the travel market. Travel Ease has been in the travel business since 1987, and since then, it has been working to provide its clients the best travel experiences. With strong connections globally, they handcraft the perfect holiday package whether you are a solo traveler, a family, or a friend group. Contact them, and their consultants will help you minimize air travel hassles and ensure the best service, productivity, and savings.

Avviso Travel

Avviso Travel agency is a popular international travel agency that is headquartered in Rochester, NY. It is a full-service travel agency and has been involved in the international travel market since 1986. The agency provides valuable travel resources with a plethora of lists with several destination packages. From hotels and flights to hundreds of destinations across the world, Avviso Travel ensures to provide the best packages to its clients. Due to their vast experience in the travel industry, they have created a stronghold in the travel market as well as create partnerships that help them get the most affordable prices on waterways, airways, and monograms. With a  strong team of travel professionals experienced in the industry, their consultants will help you choose and design the perfect traveling experience. The agency specializes in romantic getaways, business tours, family tours, and more. 

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