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Ramadan in Dubai

The holy month of Ramadan is practiced and welcomed annually along with the divine spirituality of Eid-ul-Fitr among all the Muslims throughout the world. Dubai being an Islamic state of UAE also invests its huge amount of hours celebrating the blessings of this sacred month. Supermarkets offer special sales with discounted budget packages offering affordable grains and spices. Public parks remain open from 6 pm to 2 am considering suhoor and iftar times, malls are open till midnight where along with shopping, you can also enjoy iftar and suhoor menus.

As the calendar hits the holy month, the city also seems bewitched in its prosperity.  Let’s discover what Ramadan brings in Dubai and how you can be gratified with the activities and destinations during the ritual.

Spirits of Ramadan in Dubai

  1. A Mesmerizing Sunset at Desert Safari

Desert Safari evening tours are best to grab during Ramadan. You can enjoy a mouth-watering iftar buffet in a bedouin camp while witnessing the setting sun from a unique vision. People who are fasting do not go for adventures like dune bashing, quad biking, and other sand sports, but it doesn’t mean the thrill is ceased with a full stop. You can still enjoy the thrilling sand sports. Just keep an eye on the weather update before heading off. An overnight desert safari Dubai tour is also a good choice when it’s Ramadan and you are in Dubai. An overnight tour offers memorable night activities such as a cultural feast, mystic musical live show, stargazing at midnight from the bedouin camp, shisha intake, and the spell-bound sunset in desert safari.

2. Experience the Glee of Suhoor & Iftar

Trying out how Muslims mark their attendance in prestigious times of suhoor and iftar has happened to be a source of great pleasure to many non-muslims. Having a delicious feast of a wide range of cultural foods and Arabian desserts has made the first-timers love this practice. There are plenty of restaurants in Dubai where you can try out various suhoor and iftar foods such as mejadra rice, lentils soup, and humus which are famous Arabic traditional dishes. You can also volunteer in iftar feasts. There are plenty of various kinds of refreshing drinks that are offered at these restaurants and cafes. You can also try smoking shisha along with dinner.

3. For the Love of Shopping

Malls in Dubai are deprived of people during day time. Only tourists and mostly non-muslims seem wandering there. If you prefer avoiding crowds, Ramadan afternoons are the best time to go shopping. For party fellows, one source of delight is that these lavish malls remain open till late so that you can live a fully heightened nightlife there. The Dubai Mall and Emirates mall are good to explore during Ramadan days and nights you can also go for Deira if you want to own some cultural stuff.

4. Watching the Golden Sky

Cannon firing during the sunset is one of the most bewitching happenings to watch during Ramadan in Dubai. It is a kind of signal which signifies that it’s now time to break your fast in a traditional way. Firing the cannon is so beautiful and mesmerizing to watch representing how the black sky glitters in gold when the prestigious times strike. Cannon firing during Maghrib call to prayer takes place in Atlantis, Eid-ground, Burj Khalifa, and the palm.

5. Wander in the Museums

Ramadan is a good time to wake up your inner mystic and take a tour of the Arabian cultural assets and values. As the air calls for religious recall, refresh your belief toward the epic culture of UAE. You can visit the Dubai Museum -the oldest building of Dubai, and the Al Fahidi Neighbourhood that has been loaded with impressive ancient leftovers.

Dubai creek is another heritage site that tourists never miss visiting, as it is home to remarkable artistry and cultural souks.

6. The Show Must Go On!

You can enjoy your spare time watching theater at the Opera district and la Perle show in Al Habtoor district which doesn’t stop in Ramadan. It is rather full of entertainment and displays worth watching. Plays based on religious topics Swell. And remember, the show doesn’t stop!

7. Practice Generosity

Charity is an eminent norm practiced at a hype during Ramadan. You can also take. part in this by donating clothes, volunteering in iftar and suhoor feasts, and as little of charity as you could no .atter what your religion is. It’s a great means of practicing empathy with the needy which teaches generosity among mankind above races.

8. The City Never Sleeps

Nights in Dubai during Ramadan reflect a different glimmer. Bargain at Dubai trade center and Jumeirah your heart out as the city remains awakened till late at night. There are lots of leisure activities if you are a sort into the night person such as jog and walk at the canal side, or running at Dubai autodrome. Not into walking and stuff? Stare the city lights shimmering from the gulf sideways waving you a warm hello!

9. Destinations Awaiting for You

You can visit famous tourist attractions as they are not so busy. Such as the world’s tallest tower Burj Khalifa, the great Wild Wadi water park, and aqua venture parks. You can take a soul-refreshing visit to the famous Jumeirah mosque where an utter protocol of religious practices can be seen. Dubai Legoland, Motion gate, the Bollywood park, and other recreational destinations remain open and hustle-free. So you can have clear photographs without photobombs!

In the end

Ramadan’s bliss in Dubai is also a part of its sterling culture being an Islamic state. Thi city turns more magical when the streets are echoed with the calls of Adhan. Spending Ramadan there is a whole new experience in itself as it leaves deep impressions of endurance and gratitude reflecting peace.

Spend your Ramadan with higher spirits without getting knitted in the thoughts of uncertainty such that whether this or that would be available or not. Dubai is dipped even into more bright hues when there is Ramadan.

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