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Explore the best places in Karachi for Tourist

The world is divided into many continents, countries, and regions in which every city of each country has its own high place. This is what we will describe during a tour of Karachi, a beautiful city in Pakistan.  Karachi, the great city of Pakistan is very beautiful for tourists who can be happy to see it.  The dialect of the people living here is Urdu, Punjabi, Seraiki, Balochi, etc. because people of every tribe and caste live in this city whose dialect is also different.

Best places in Karachi for Tourist

Karachi Zoo

The zoo is the oldest in Karachi as it has been in place for more than a century and is spread over an area of 33 acres. At one time it was also called Gandhi Garden.  Surrounded by lush green trees, the zoo attracts 35 million visitors annually.  There are also a variety of rare and rare animals that people come from far and wide to see.

Lucky One Mall

It is a shopping mall in the Karachi area that has been established newly. It is the largest mall in Karachi. Two hundred stores have been set up here. One part is for car parking where 3,000 vehicles can be parked.  Apart from shopping, there is also a space for fashion shows and acting shows, a space within the mall for the food court, which is considered to be the largest food court in Karachi.

Frere Hall

It is the most beautiful historical site of Karachi which was built by the British government in 1760.  The hall has a beautiful art gallery and library, the beautiful trees and plants around the hall add to its beauty.

National Museum 

The National Museum is located on Burns Road in Karachi, was built in 1950.  The museum has six galleries, including rare calligraphy and ornamental specimens from the Mehran Valley and the Kandahar civilization, as well as antiquities from ancient times. There are also ancient Qur’anic manuscripts from the first century AD.

Port Grand

Port Grand is the entertainment hub of Karachi. It is the best place for food and tourism enthusiasts. There is a bridge over the sea at this place which has been converted into a food highway.  This Port Grand Bridge has been built as a result of joint efforts of Karachi Port Trust and a private company Grand Entertainment Company. There are eleven food hotels on this one-meter bridge in which domestic and foreign food is served to the tourists.  

PAF Museum

PAF Museum Karachi is under the supervision of the Pakistan Air Force.  This resort of Karachi is located on the main highway, Faisal Highway. There are aircraft and other items used by the Air Force.  Some ships are parked in the open area for tourists, which is spread over a large area of green.

Charna Island

This is the beautiful sea island of Karachi which is the best place for adventure seekers. The water here is very clear blue. The island is located at a distance of 70 km from Karachi. There are also tour operators who provide information to the tourists.  Various rare and beautiful fishes and turtles have also been seen on this island. Whale fish has also been seen here which is often found only in the deep seas.


Clifton is a coastal area of Karachi. It is also called Sea View. It is bustling with people day and night. Recreational activities continue day and night as apart from the sea, there are swings for the entertainment of children and adults. The waves of the sea make the heart of tourists happy.
When these waves come from the sea to the shore, they also scatter fish, oysters, and sea insects on the sand of the beach, which the tourists are very surprised to see.


Mazar-e-Quaid is known all over the world. Its construction was completed in 1960. It is the last resting place of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan.
Inside the shrine, there is a large and beautiful chandelier on the roof which enhances the interior beauty of the shrine. There is a beautiful garden around the shrine. In addition, there are beautiful lights around the shrine, which reflect the marble on the outer surface of the shrine at night. The shrine shining like a pearl in the darkness of the night.

Conclusion about Best places in Karachi for Tourist

Wherever you travel in the world, wherever you camp, every region, every city has its own example in beauty.  Whether it is Pakistan or India, the USA or Japan.

The beautiful scenery of nature is present everywhere and people of every race and tribe are also present.

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