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Are You Smarter Than a Trout? 3 Fly Fishing Tips You’ve Never Heard Of

You’ve mastered your cast. You’ve found the ideal place for your fishing vacation. You’ve got all the gear and as far as you can tell you’re doing everything right.

If you’re still not catching many trout, you may be facing some very smart fish. For success catching smart fish who have learned the dangers of fishermen, you’ll need fly fishing tips that really work and don’t turn up on every guide.

An estimated 101.6 million people in the U.S. fish, hunt, or participate in other wildlife activities, but how many can say that they’re really successful fishermen?

You’ve come to the right place. Check out these tips for your most successful fly fishing yet.

1. Fish Early in the Morning and Later in the Evening

The worst time of day to fish is right in the middle of the day. Smart trout know to hide during the day when the majority of fishermen and other predators are out. Avoid the rush by going first thing in the morning and after the rest of the fishermen have gone home for supper in the evening.

There’s an extra benefit to these fly fishing tips for beginners. By going out to fish when the area is less populated not only will the fish be less on guard, but you’ll also have a more relaxing experience.

There’s no one to watch and judge you. No one is there to make loud conversation and scare off the fish. It’s just you and the serene hobby you most enjoy.

2. Avoid Wading if Possible

This piece of advice may surprise some people because we’ve all seen photos of trout fishers standing in the water in their waders. But this isn’t just one of the best tips for fly fishing in the winter to prevent getting cold. It’s a good tip year-round.

The trout in heavily fished areas soon learn the signs that a fisherman is present.

The most telltale sign is the sound and vibration of a person splashing in the water. The trout will immediately stop eating and be in a careful mood instead. You’ll have to wait very still for them to relax again before you can catch anything.

Instead, if you can, cast from somewhere on the shore.

3. Hire Someone Who Knows What They’re Doing

Frankly, you can get even more fishing tips for beginners from someone who knows the area and knows the fish there. Travel experts can show you the best spots, the right bait for the fish in the area, and how to stay comfortable with accommodations and restaurants.

Fly Fishing Tips That Really Work

By choosing the right time of day, avoiding tell-tale signs of danger for the fish, and relying on guides who know what they’re talking about, you’re sure to have a much more successful fishing trip.

These fly fishing tips will take your fishing to the next level. Remember that half the fun of fishing is getting to spend the day outside in nature and the great exercise it offers. You’ll get that no matter how many fish you catch.

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