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Home Travel An Unforgettable Sunrise at Desert Safari in Dubai

An Unforgettable Sunrise at Desert Safari in Dubai

Are you looking for some overwhelming landscape in Dubai to reach out to? Your search ends here because the following text is all about a morning desert safari in Dubai. The conservation reserve of the UAE is a captivating tourist attraction. It offers great opportunities for myriad sightseeing and exciting activities. Want to know more regarding the morning desert safari Dubai? Keep on reading to unleash some amazing events of a morning desert safari.

The Glory of a Morning Desert Safari 

  1. Make Your Move to the Terrain

Your epic journey to the dunes of Arabia begins with a pick-up from a hotel or residency in 4WD. Reach at the meet-up spot by yourself if you’ve chosen a self-driven package or by bus. Usually, a morning tour to the Arabian terrain is 3 to 4 hours long and starts from 130 AEDs.

2. The Epic Sunrise 

The scenic landscape of the sunrise makes the mornings at the dunes worth spending. Witness the awakening dunes when the first rays of gold fall over their peaks. The whole barren baths in a golden glory of the new sun. The sand ripples, the hopping gazelles, and still campsites catch the sights of every tourist. Moreover, the iconic sky full of floating hot air balloons is a picturesque background for your snaps.

3. Enthralling Sand Sports

The Arabian terrain is known for its super enthralling sand activities. You can encounter them on a morning tour as well. Out of these, dune bashing is an amusing activity in which a 4×4 off-road vehicle takes you across the high red dunes. Get your hands on a quad bike and enjoy a solo ride on the highs and lows of the dunes. Grab a sandboard and surf the heaps of Arabian sand. These exciting activities are the ultimate reasons why fun-lovers choose desert safari to spend their vacations.

4. Riding the Camel

An early morning camel ride is full of new discoveries, sightseeing, and amazement. Seeing the far-spread gold terrain with high bulging sand dunes from a camel’s hump is eye-opening. Take a ride on a camel’s back and experience the feels of being a nomad traveling in the middle of the sand sea. It’s pretty overwhelming!

5. Hot Air Ballooning

Come to the most exciting feature of a morning desert safari in Dubai which is a hot air balloon ride. It’s an exclusive opportunity that you can avail of only in a morning tour to the dunes of Dubai. Not just that, such breathtaking views could never be witnessed from anywhere else in the world. The mesmerizing views of the golden sand sea, wildlife, and vivid campsites from 4000 ft above the terrain are overwhelming to the vision. Who would skip such a great chance of witnessing peaceful dawn when on a venture in Dubai?

6. The Morning Meal

The guests of the dunes are welcomed with a refreshing breakfast served at the campsite. Start with something solid or just drink up something energizing, you have plenty of items to try. You’ll have unlimited free access to mineral water, Arabian coffee and dates, tea, and other refreshing beverages. So, collect yourself for a new exciting day in Dubai with a tasty startup.

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People choose to visit desert safari in the morning if they want to save their evenings to explore the rest of Dubai city. It’s a great idea to opt for a morning itinerary for such a purpose. This place keeps magic to kick start your day with a different sort of energy which you can only experience upon being here.

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