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Home Technology WordPress Plugins Install These 5 Premium Free

WordPress Plugins Install These 5 Premium Free

Few WordPress plugins charge for upgrading to premium packs. But this article is on free Plugins where you will come to know.

AMP For WP Is The Best From Other WordPress Plugins

Accelerated Mobile Pages makes your website faster for mobile users. Installing this plugin on your WordPress may attract your visitors. This plugin has many supported Features for free. You can also add responsive and flexible Google Ads.

Features Of AMP For WP

  • SEO Friendly Plugin
  • Push Notifications of Cookies
  • Structural Data
  • Performance
  • In built Google Analytics
  • Facebook Instant Article Setup
  • Image Optimization
  • Translation Panel.
  • Advertisement.

This plugin has Four Premium Themes designs.

But I suggest you select a theme as Design Three Theme. In this plugin you can also insert your Google Adsense Ad codes.

WordPress Robots.txt Optimize

This plugin helps you in boosting your website in less time. If you are a beginner at WordPress this tool perfectly suits you. It automatically Generates Robot.txt file and also allows many search engines to index faster. Another key feature of this plugin is Image indexing. Which makes you rank on Google Images. Robot tells Google to index your page and says to appear it on search results

Updraft Plus Is Free From Any Other WordPress Plugins

WordPress doesn’t have a Back-up feature for your website. Backup is mainly used by many top bloggers to restore the unexpected changes on your site. Unfortunately If you mess your theme and Website. Backup is needed to revoke the changes. Many Hosting Providers will not give you a backup feature as free. They externally charge to use. UpdraftPlus Plugin is completely free to use. And great thing there is no limitation on Backup Space.

WP-Optimize – WordPress Plugin

This WordPress Plugin makes your site fast and effective. It purges all unwanted caches on databases and pages. Minify Caches of CSS, JavaScript and HTML. You can compress your image size which alternatively increases your site speed. To get more traffic user experience must be good. And also Google allows few fast sites on SERP (Search Engine Results Page). Page Speed will attract users and help you to get more traffic.

LuckyWP Table of Contents – WordPress Plugin

LuckyWp is a WordPress Plugin where you can create a table of content on your pages and posts. Table Of Contents is a shortcut to make users friendly. This also helps to make your site on Search results. Here it works manually and automatically. Also you can customize on your own.

These are the Best 5 Premium Free WordPress Plugins. Install These Plugins and connect to your website For Free To improve ranking. To be frank I have also installed these plugins. works pretty well to make google understand your content. Your website needs to have fast page speed to make users attracted. Google only suggests your site if it is User Friendly and Responsive. This plays a major role in On-Page and Off-Page Seo. Make sure to implement it on your WordPress Website.

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