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Home Health What Makes NueMD an Ideal Fit for Your Practice?

What Makes NueMD an Ideal Fit for Your Practice?

NueMD is a cloud-based, customizable EHR solution designed for a wide range of health care businesses. Several medical specializations use it to handle scheduling, billing, health records, reporting, and more for a quick return on investment and improvements in daily operations. 

NueMD EMR integrates with a medical billing solution as well as a practice management system. Instead of manually upgrading all of the software, you can utilize this software in tandem. The integration in NueMD EMR software enables you to use all of the features in your medical practice from a single location. 

NueMD EMR software assists numerous medical specialties in streamlining their process. The most popular EHR software assists specializations such as Neurology, Hematology, Oncology, Podiatry, Allergy and Immunology, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Family medicine, Internal medicine, and Rheumatology. Furthermore, the specialty-specific templates and codes make charting during consultations more manageable and efficient. 

NueMD Software – Essential Features 

Appointment Scheduling Feature 

NueMD’s scheduling management feature allows many medical providers to track patients from arrival to departure. In addition, you can also minimize the number of patients who do not show up for appointments by using appointment reminder calls. Moreover, the software can show any schedule changes on mobile phones through its cloud-based deployment. 

Patient Charting Feature 

Patients’ chart management is a critical element of any software required for running a successful medical practice. NueMD offers a chart management feature that works up to your satisfaction.  

Your healthcare practice needs to have an easy-to-use chart management feature. The NueMD software provides the format of charts that is simple to interpret and navigate. In addition, all patient history, vitals, and other information are easily accessible on this chart, allowing you to have a pleasant user experience with NueMD. 

Patient Portal 

NueMD provides a patient portal to help you make things easy for yourself. Patients can use the patient portal function to rapidly log in and review their medical treatment from any location. Patients can also utilize the portal to make appointments, check scheduled visits, view lab test results, and do various other things. 

The patient portal generally relieves you of the need to conduct these little, repetitive actions independently. The function also involves your patients more deeply in your practice, which is advantageous because it automatically increases patient involvement. You can also navigate through the different capabilities of the portal during the NueMD demo

Lab Integration 

NueMD EMR’s integration with labs is another crucial aspect that NueMD reviews praise. This tool allows you to obtain lab results for your patients and receive them directly from the lab into your EMR, allowing you to view them as soon as they are available. 

This robust feature allows you to spend less time than manually ordering lab tests. As a result, you can save time while providing superior treatment to your patients. In addition, this function is embedded into the software, ensuring the safety and confidentiality of all patient data. 

Electronic Prescription 

The electronic prescription functionality is another feature that you can examine during the NueMD demo. The e-Prescription tool makes your life much easier and more convenient. You can refill, discontinue, or add new medications to the patient list digitally.  

Moreover, based on a patient’s existing data, the software highlights any potential interactions or allergic responses. Finally, the prescription is sent straight to the patient’s preferred pharmacy, which speeds up the entire process. 

Medical Billing Software 

The medical billing software offered by NueMD compares all claims against a database of over 10 million standard claim adjustments, allowing you to make changes to claims before filing. In addition, as NueMD permits account information to be kept in the cloud, all interactions with patients and insurance companies may be paperless. There is also the option of printing automated letters to patients with outstanding or late payments. 

NueMD Pricing 

NueMD is available in three packages: Practice Solution, Total Solution, and Ultimate Solution; it also includes a personal transition specialist and alternatives for onsite assistance based on the number of users and quality of support. Unfortunately, the NueMD pricing is not available publicly, so you must contact the seller via the official website. 

The NueMD training is delivered in six sessions over the internet through a Virtual Network Connection. 

NueMD Reviews 

The user evaluations for NueMD paint a clear image of the EMR software. We recommend that you read several NueMD reviews before making a purchase. You must weigh the benefits and drawbacks provided by users to make the best decision. 

We researched NueMD reviews from multiple websites, and here are the strengths and weaknesses you should be aware of. 


NueMD is simple to use and comprehend. Its user-friendly design puts patient and practices data at your fingertips. 

NueMD is available as cloud-based software, saving you money by not spending it on expensive servers or other gear. 

With NueMD, you may monitor your practice from any location. In addition, the NueMD Mobile app allows you to make adjustments and update your records while treating patients without having to return to a computer. 


One disadvantage that users identify in NueMD is the delayed customer service. However, users also spoke out against repeated upgrades that cause the system to lag now and then. 

Do We Recommend NueMD Software? 

While we cannot recommend whether or not NueMD EHR software is appropriate for your medical practice without knowing the specifics of your healthcare practice, however, we can provide some tips that will assist you in determining this for yourself.  

First, we strongly suggest you arrange a NueMD demo. Aside from that, we propose that you create a list of features that you would want to see in a medical EHR software to compare it to the functionalities supplied by the NueMD software. Finally, we suggest going through NueMD reviews online to explore the software from the current users’ perspective. Overall, you should take your time making this decision because it is critical. Our best wishes are with you. 

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