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What are the 5 Winning Essentials for a Landing Page Success?

Fast paced is the environment and if you’re not growing accordingly then you’re missing out on alot.

Are you one such marketer who’s facing significant setbacks when it comes to winning?

If that’s the case then you need to find out what’s missing in your marketing strategy.

We live in a day and age where everything we do is digital. We often wonder what’s there in our website which can convince our target market that we are the best option for their businesses? We wonder what elements can win them at the roots? And when we reach a conclusion, we realize that our answer is not good enough. Is it the social presence through which we are engaging? Is it the functionalities of our website that’s not working too well? Or is it the landing page as a whole that’s simply not working?

Well, my answer to it all is, it’s the landing page design which is simply not working.

Are you wondering how you can create the perfect impact in the online world with a well designed landing page?

Here are 5 winning essentials which you need to address before designing one.

Essential # 1: A Unique Selling Proposition

If your landing page isn’t working, it’s because your landing page is missing out on a USP (unique selling proposition). Often marketers miss out on the single most important thing when designing a landing page. They often forget that their page should have a single conversion goal.

What is a conversion goal?

It is what you want to get the most from your target audience.

For some, their conversion goals are leads, for others it can be sales, clicks or whatever. So before you delve into designing a great looking landing page for your company, plot out the technicalities of having a sound conversion goal. Your other elements of the website such as the headline, the images, the animated video production, the buttons and other things must revolve around your conversion objective.

Don’t forget a single landing page always means a single version goal.

Essential # 2: Developing a Hero Shot

The second most essential thing to address when designing a landing page is what type of image you’re planning to put up on the front view. Even though, if you’re picking out something from Pixabay or some other free stock image platform, you need to pick out an image which can resonate with your brand. After all, your audience wants to be hooked and the only way you can grasp their attention is through a hero shot! The best way to take a hero shot is to step back and take a bird’s eye view of the entirety.

See what you’re selling to your customers. What makes you special and how can you define it to your audience? Even better, analyze what the image says, does it speak to your customers?

The whole idea is to create that empathetic moment where your customers can relate with you.

Essential # 3: What are the Features & Benefits of Your Product?

A good cheesy headline highlighting your USP and a strong visual imagery can do the job good enough. But what about those remaining burdening questions regarding your product/service and how it can offer them great value? Well these questions are well met through discussing the various features & benefits.

When designing different features, make sure to represent them in a way that it accentuates the benefits.

Before you design the different features, make sure to put yourself in your customer’s shoes and ponder on the questions they might ponder when interacting with your brand. For instance,

“What are the benefits I am getting if I sign-up with their brand or service?”

Then fill up your landing page with the necessary features as per your landing page desires.

Essential # 4: Put Out Some Social Signals

Have you ever considered purchasing something and went through thousands of reviews before coming to a conclusion? Well that’s what social proof is all about. The amount of information that you’ve gone through, read, heard or reviewed before making a decision are all social signals which marketers deliberately design by implementing various marketing strategies.

People tend to believe what other people have to say about their businesses. They are more likely to take interest in purchasing a product/service when they see others considering them.

Many marketers take a subtle approach of keeping a simple brand narrative when it comes to social tactics. Well you can choose the same path too by encouraging your target audience.

They do it by asking,

  • Get customer reviews
  • Acquire trust seals
  • Gain awards from reputable places
  • Publish testimonials

Essential # 5: A Powerful Call to Action (CTA)

Last but not the least, getting a powerful call to action is a must if you want to win your audience.

Getting conversions is why you designed the landing page in the first place.

When it comes to websites, people add CTAs as standalone buttons on the front or at the end of their page copy. However, it can be anything; from a single statement above the button to a power hungry image asking the person to “CLICK HERE” or “SUBMIT NOW” or “GET DISCOUNTS.” The best CTAs are the ones which marketers add keeping the customer journey in mind. Many individuals do add CTAs to their websites but what they fail to realize is that their CTAs aren’t focused enough.

So when working on a landing page, make sure your CTA readily converts your audience.

So that’s all folks! Here are 5 essentials that ensure the success of just about any landing page in the digital sphere. Does your landing page introduce these essentials or not?

Do make sure they are if you want to be a success.

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