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Types of display campaigns for Advertising

One of the main objectives of digital advertising is to gain visibility online , building a solid Brand Awareness and creating contacts to transform into fruitful business opportunities.

Google ADS is Google ‘s advertising platform that allows you to create targeted advertising campaigns on an ideal audience that can be conveyed on the web in a capillary and incredibly profitable way. The display advertising is one of the most used online methods: simple and focused, is able to increase awareness of the brand and lead to excellent returns on investment . Let’s take a closer look at what it is and what types of display campaigns are available.

What are Display Campaigns

The world of Google Ads is divided into different categories of campaigns that can be implemented, each of which has different peculiarities and objectives. They are divided into:

  1. Search Campaigns
  2. Display Campaigns
  3. Google Shopping Campaigns
  4. Youtube Video Ads

The display campaigns enable the advertiser that wants to promote its brand, product or service, to show his ads on a wide network of websites, taking advantage of the advertising space available in them. The creativity that is created for this purpose is called a banner , and consists of a set of images, videos and texts designed to irresistibly attract the attention of those who surf.

Display advertising is generally used to build or increase brand awareness and make the brand known to a wider audience. Through well-studied visual content it is possible to generate interest and potential contacts, or to re-engage the curiosity of users who had already gravitated around a specific website.

The 5 types of display campaigns

There are five different types of display campaigns that can be used in a display advertising strategy. In fact, it is possible to customize the promotion that you want to carry out based on the target audience of reference, its demographic specifications and its interests or locations. In this way, the budget for these online marketing activities will be well used and will lead to efficient results .

Remarketing campaigns

Remarketing campaigns , also called retargeting, allow you to reconnect with users who have already visited a particular website in the past, exposing them to the brand even once they have left a particular website.

This type of display campaign is usually very performing and capable of excellent positive effects on ROI. It is possible in fact through Google Ads to add particular code snippets to the pages of a site and set specific remarketing lists , i.e. lists of visitors who have performed certain actions while browsing, such as visiting a defined page or a product in particular, and who will be goal of retargeting ads .

It is possible to create different remarketing ads for different profiled lists of visitors and the online presence of the brand that users will perceive even after leaving the company website will greatly contribute to the generation of trust and awareness in them.

Target for positioning on the site

This type of display campaign allows the advertiser to choose which websites to show their ads on, rather than allowing Google to arbitrarily select the best ones. The option leads to many advantages, proving to be particularly effective and also safe: targeting websites related and connected to one’s core business can exponentially increase the effect of this type of display ad.

Target by interest

The ability to target visitors by interest allows you to precisely profile the users to whom you want to show an advertisement.

There are two kinds of interest targeting namely the audience affinity and audience segments in the market .

Affinity audiences

The audience selected by affinity includes all those users that Google has included in certain categories by analyzing their long-term interests : passions, lifestyle, preferences and profile are some of the characteristics that are taken into account in targeting.

For example, these can be users who often control a certain type of website, follow forums dedicated to that topic and keep an eye on industry trends.

In-market audiences

The in-market audiences instead include users whose purchase intentions have been expressed more or less clearly and whom Google believes can make a purchase very soon. They may have recently read reviews or checked prices for a particular product, indicating a likely propensity to buy.

Contextual targeting

It is the form of display advertising which, to search for a relevant website in which to display ads, uses keyword research . The keywords included in the display campaign will be used by Google as a basis for exploring the content of the world wide web pages in search of relevant sites in which to display the display ad.

Topic targeting

Lastly, topic targeting allows the advertiser to express a preference on specific topics that the web pages the ad will serve on. Google will then take care of selecting the websites related to the subject matter of preference to harmoniously match them with the banner display. You can choose generic topics, for example the automotive sector, or further detail your preferences, also indicating sub categories such as luxury vehicles or commercial vehicles or the like.

So there are many tools made available by digital display advertising to create strategic campaigns with potentially excellent results. A powerful resource that integrated within a marketing plan studied in detail, will certainly be of great interest.

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