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Top Class Touchscreen Philips Monitors to buy in UK

Having a touchscreen monitor means you do not always need to keep your one hand on the mouse and other probably around the keyboard. There were no major trends of touchscreen displays in the PCs earlier, but we have a lot of new ventures in PC monitors. Besides laptop, you can now easily get your hands on the touchscreen monitors that do not require any necessity of other components. Philips monitors are one of the renown desktop monitors that have a lot to offer with their diverse features.

The best thing that can happen when you get your hands on the best touchscreen monitors is that you get the exactly similar quality like any other monitor. With Philips monitors, one thing that you can be sure of is that you will most definitely get an enriching quality, robust build and high-res displays.

Today, our top 3 selection features best Philips touchscreen monitors that you can buy in UK. These monitors are compiled keeping in base their specs and how good they can offer in limited amount.

Philips 242B9TL/00

LED | 5 ms | 16:9| 23.8 in | 1920 x 1080

Starting off with the Philips 242B9TL/00, it comes with a decent sized screen of 23.8-inch that is coated with the anti-glare technology. The integration of anti-glare means your eyes will absolutely not get affected with any eyestrain. It helps prevent any glitches, as well as the blue light technology makes sure you are getting no pressure watching the screen.

Secondly, coming on to the specs, there is no compromise being held in the overall performance. The 5 milliseconds response time is brilliant for any heavy-duty operation or modern-day tasks. Plus, the full HD Resolution of 1920 x 1080 indicates a great quality to watch the screen and enjoy the touch experience. Of course, the panel adjusted as the screen is LED IPS which comes with comfortable viewing angles. There is water and dust resistance added to the screen which helps protect it from any unusual damage.

Philips 162B9T/00

LED | 4 – 5ms | 16:9 | 15.6 in | 1366 x 768

The second-best touchscreen Philips monitor in our list is the Philips 162B9T/00, which comes packed with HD Resolution. It totally pays off the price it offers with its smart contrast screen and smooth touch display. You will also enjoy the smart stand that comes along this Philips monitor. It helps fixing it on the stand or easily removing it. You can also articulate the stand to tilt, adjust or pivot the monitor according to your angles.

The 4 to 5 ms response time of the monitor makes this display monitor even faster for all digital operations. The size of 15.6-inch in this monitor is an ideal fit if you just needed a monitor that feels like a portable device. There is also a Low blue mode included in the monitor which helps to get minimum strain on the eyes or head. The touchscreen also has the dust and water resistance, so if you accidentally drop something it may not get affected.

Philips 162B9TN/00

4 ms | 16:9 | 60 Hz | 15.6 in | 1366 x 768

Have you ever heard of using a PC monitor flexibly anywhere? If not, then the Philips 162B9TN/00 is here to impress. It comes with 16:9 aspect ratio so you get easy to view screen and a good position when you sit in front of it. With its 15.6-inch size, you can move it anywhere and also use it from different angles. The IPS panel adjusted in the screen already has the comfort viewing pleasures for every user.

The specs include 4ms response time, which is the fastest you can get among many monitors and laptop displays. It sports an HD Resolution of 1366 x 768 which is good enough to binge-watch your favourite Netflix or YouTube videos. The refresh rate that you will come across with its screen is around 60 Hz that is sufficient for average computing display.

Bottom Line

It’s easier to check on multiple touchscreen monitors but choosing one of them can be a daunting task. And we hope we have made it much more easier for you with our collection of best touchscreen Philips monitors. To get them on student and youth discounts, you can just visit the official Laptop Outlet store online in UK. You can also check other Philips monitors in case you are looking for variety. However, these were the best ones we mentioned today in our list.

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