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Top 2 banking applications in the market

If you are into banking application and new to system then you can surely get information from below article which brings all the details about banking application for top 2 banking application available into the market with other details. Check here into more details:

Get details about Top 2 banking application of India


The retail market requirements point to the need for more flexible and more informative core retail operational systems; ones that can easily plug and play in a heterogeneous rapidly changing functional and technical environment.

TITAN is designed as a Software-Oriented Architecture (SOA) supporting the co-existence interface requirements that are a necessity in the complex application architectures that have evolved within large Retail Banks. It has been tested by the best database automation testing tools. However, more importantly, the reusable discrete component design of TITAN takes SOA significantly beyond ease of integration to delivering agility and flexibility whereby discrete functional components can be aggregated to create new products, services, and processes easily and quickly. Today’s next generation Banks have realised – not unlike with the evolution of the manufacturing industry – that significantly improved quality, productivity and cost reduction can be achieved through reusing standardised proven components across multiple product lines and that the end products can be much more closely aligned to the needs of their customers.

Technology used while building the application

TITAN represents a major technology leap forward. It provides a modern, scalable retail banking platform capable of efficiently handling the business volumes of the largest and fastest growing banks worldwide.

TITAN was architected and designed from its inception to handle all sizes of operation processing needs of Retail Banks. TITAN is a contemporary scalable open multi-platform solution.

TITAN has been designed using industry-leading tools and technology. This has resulted in the development of best business practices and a system with extremely high levels of business logic re-use. This means TITAN is functionally rich and can evolve to meet the new demands of today’s sophisticated markets. Most importantly TITAN through regular product releases can meet the changing demands and evolution of the banking industry

Atlas – Bank loan application

The challenge to reduce complexity at both a business and technology level has never been greater for today’s institutional asset management and private wealth management sectors. As financial institutions continue to extend their reach into new markets, trading across multiple entities, currencies, locations and products, the demands placed upon company operations systems has become ever more onerous. Developed by industry experts Central Software’s Atlas Portfolio, Fund and Unit Trust Management product provides comprehensive, proven solutions to assist today’s market specialist. Atlas’s competitive licensing models enable customers to rapidly achieve their return on investment.

Technology used while building the application

Atlas is a full Unitised Funds Administration solution its customised software solution for Unit Trusts/ Mutual Funds/ OEIC’s are designed to perform a broad range of administrative and financial procedures for administering these funds.

Atlas is client based, operating online and provides immediate displays of client details. Authorised users carry out all deals and transactions, display valuations, and view correspondence.

Atlas is a leading integrated end-to-end business solution for Whole Sale Fund Managers and Institutional Asset Managers. Our integrated solution comprises Front Office Modelling, Core Asset Management, Registry Management, Unit Pricing, Performance and Compliance, Financial Accounting and Tax Reporting. Our multicurrency system allows you to trade and report against a wide variety of instruments across the globe.

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