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Home Technology Things Creators Need To Know About Camtasia

Things Creators Need To Know About Camtasia

There are some additional things creators need to know about Camtasia. If you are a video creator and use Camtasia software to make or edit the video. Then there are some factors you should know about Camtasia.

As we know many changes occur in a software after upgrading and additional features are also added. So in this article we will know some of these additional features of Camtasia. These things will surely help you to make your video efficiently.

New Effects Of Camtasia Software

These are the new effects provided by Camtasia that are very helpful and creators should have the knowledge about them. Among the Multiple Pros and Cons of Camtasia here we will discuss the benefits and specially of the software.

Collection Of New Transitions 

Transitions can truly affect the looks and feel of your video. The new upgraded version of Camtasia has a broad collection of transitions. It provides more than 75 transitions to use and also you can use them in reverse. You can save your time by saving the most used transitions by using the Favorite feature.

Motion Blur Effect

This is the most useful up-gradation of Camtasia for its users. You can give animations, effects, and other elements a professional look by using this. If you want to make your video up to speed, then the Motion Blur effect will help you surely.

This is a brand new feature for Camtasia users that will let them make their video smooth and efficient. 

Corner Rounding Effect

This effect is provided by Camtasia after upgrading. It smoothens the corners that look so sharp and make your media files look more impressive for the viewers. 

Media Matte Effect

This is the new feature that the creator should know about Camtasia. It has both the power and visual beauty of Trackmattes alone in one effect. It can modify any media part into a mask by the use of the Drag-and-Drop media effect. 

So it is very essential for the users who want to add masks to their media files.

3D LUT (Look Up Table)

This effect is like a refreshing tool for your videos because it changes the look and feels of the video. If you are using Camtasia 2021, you can get quick access to LUT that can convert the color of your videos. 

Toggle Effects

This is a new feature that you need to know. It is used when you add music to your video it toggles the on and off button. If you want active comparison between any effect on the media timeline this effect is very helpful for this.

Some of the additional features of Camtasia are also available that creators should know.

  • The first additional feature is Lottie (JSON) Support, that offers you to add the animations easily to your video. The new upgraded Camtasia 2021 is able to import and use this Lottie Animation to your video practices.
  • This software provides Animation Enhancements like it allows you to use shortcut keys to  operate an animation style to the whole project.
  • It also gives some Additional Quick Properties that offer superior text and colors, making labels for elements, drafting the themes. Also link them with each other to make sure you and your companion look good in all the videos.
  • This feature is so beneficial for the Mac users as Camtasia Offers the Zoom and Pan option for them. Previously this feature was only available for Window users. But now after the upgrading of the Camtasia software Mac users can also do zooming and panning to the videos.


These are some important factors that creators must know about Camtasia. Some of the additional features are very useful for Mac users that were only available to Windows users. So Mac users can also use it for video creation. 

Now you’ve taken the information about these additional features it will make your work easy and effective.

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