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Home Technology The Lithium Battery: Is It the Right Choice for Your Kayak?

The Lithium Battery: Is It the Right Choice for Your Kayak?

The kayaking equipment market is set to grow to $105 million by the end of 2025. Among these essential kayaking items is the lithium battery.

Choosing the right lithium battery for your kayak can make or break your trip and put you in a tough position. This short guide will give you the ins and outs of finding the right lithium battery for you.

Kayak Battery

The growing popularity of motorized kayaks is allowing companies to develop more secure lithium batteries. Putting a motor on a kayak to a trolling motor can change the dynamic of your workflow. You’ll want your battery research to fall into three categories: battery power, size, and weight.

Some kayak users may enter more shallow water or seek a stealthy or more health-conscious approach. A standard lead-acid automotive battery like a 24 cell deep cycle battery can run you well. But, the best type of battery out there is the Lithium-Ion battery.

Battery Type

You might ask: what is a lithium-ion battery? Lithium-Ion batteries are advanced batteries utilizing lithium ions to maintain charge. Their internal power density provides more battery life.

You must be conscious of your battery type. you’re looking into trolling motors and use something like a standard 12-volt, you’ll want to make sure you use a 12-volt battery.

It’s important to understand how long can you run your trolling motor with your battery of choice. Lithium-Ion batteries can supply this kind of power.

Lithium Battery Size & Weight

Lithium-Ion batteries supply a quick recharge state. Once they reach a full charge, they keep that charge for a long duration of time. This can allow you to trek miles out with confidence and provide a safe return.

The size and weight of the battery are also important aspects of battery quality. Lithium-Ion batteries are known to be small and compact batteries. They are the lightest options on the market, which will give you more bang for your buck.

Certain batteries can reach a maximum weight of over 60lbs. It can be an efficient way of bringing power to and from your kayak. Lithium batteries are in demand for all modes of transportation like the electric car market.

With the size and weight of your boat, you may want to consider a battery with smaller dimensions. The Lithium-Ion battery provides the most compact option allowing you to get out of and return to your kayak with ease. If you carry a lightweight battery, the chances of accidents happening from being off-balance are slim. 

Lithium Battery Charger

When it comes to effective life cycles, the lithium-ion battery beats out any other battery. Lead-acid batteries may need replacing every few years. Some lithium batteries are known to provide up to at 5 years of battery life cycles.

Have a look at more reasons why lithium-ion batteries can provide great kayak fishing experiences. You can also look into many kinds of lithium battery chargers to help keep your boat operating in great condition.

Lithium Battery

The lithium-ion batteries can provide a lightweight but powerful battery for your next kayak fishing endeavor. Certain lithium batteries can also provide internal cell protection features as well.

These batteries will keep your tolling motor running while handling the marine environment. They also give customers a small form factor and lightweight means of delivering power to your kayak. 

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