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The advantages of a remotely controlled video surveillance system

When you go on vacation or if you decide to spend an evening at the opera, your house is only protected by the video surveillance system that you have installed. Such a system may have a dissuasive role or that will help you, in the event of a burglary, to assert your rights. However, if the burglars decide to take action despite the presence of your video surveillance system, you are powerless until your return. It is here that a remote-controlled video surveillance system allows you to overcome this passivity. It allows you to reduce the operating time of your cameras to the minimum necessary, to monitor your home at all times, and to prevent your neighbor’s dog from triggering the motion detector of your front door camera.

Save your system by only running it when you want it

Your surveillance system wears out, especially if your cameras are equipped with motion detectors that orient them. The mechanisms wear out, the heated wires, and the multiple recorded images inflate your central unit, making all the more difficult the use of hard images to find because lost in the midst of thousands of others. Controlling your system remotely allows you to activate it only when necessary and therefore to maximize its lifespan and the usability of its images.

Just use your system to take a look at your home

During long absences, it can be tempting to simply want to take a look at your home. A video surveillance system does not allow you to free yourself from the anxiety of finding your ransacked house, since you have to wait to come back to find a possible burglary. A remotely controlled system can reassure you by allowing you to know the state of your home in real time.

Avoid false alarms and cold sweats

CCTV in Chicago and security systems equipped with motion detectors are sometimes far too sensitive. A slightly overly curious delivery man can, for example, trigger your system, which will send out an alert worrying about your vacation. In addition, such a system can assure you of a possible burglary after the call of a worried neighbor telling you that you saw someone approaching a little too close to your house.

5 Steps to follow before installing a video surveillance system

Installing a video surveillance system is a big step towards a secure home that is no longer a source of worry when going on vacation. Such a system is almost flawless and drastically reduces the risk of you being burgled. Its ease of installation and use will convince you all the more, but should not make you forget some basic rules that you must follow so that your investment is up to its capacities and your expectations. These 5 steps allow you to draw up a checklist that you will have to study before any installation.

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Make a diagram of your home

Drawing a diagram of your home will allow you to put aside all your concerns so that you can focus only on the field of your cameras and on the distance at which they will be placed in

Relation to what you want to film. The scale diagram will allow you to adapt your cameras and their optical components more effectively.

Take photos of fields you plan to target

Taking pictures of what you want to appear in the field of your cameras will allow you to see the exact image they will render. You will see that certain parts of the room or certain objects are out of scope, before it is impossible to change the position of the camera.

Determine the resolution required for each of your cameras

In your home, several types of cameras will be necessary to film scenes at a more or less long distance. So try to establish an average distance for each camera location, which will then guide you through their settings and acquisition.

Determine the vulnerability of your cameras

Your cameras will be subject to damage: weather, humidity, vandalism, etc. So be sure to identify the risks they will incur once installed, to adapt their case for example.

Identify exposure to light

Your future cameras will need to be adapted to the ambient light. So check the brightness for each location, which will allow you to adjust your cameras accordingly and get the best picture possible.

Why equip your parking lot with a video surveillance system?

Car parks are often forgotten spaces because, belonging to the private domain but being accessible by all and at any time, they are an interface between two different management modes. However, this interface welcomes your customers, your guests, or even your visitors. In addition to being legally linked to your activity, your car park may, in the eyes of third parties, showcase your home or store. In addition, it is a space at risk since cars are goods sought by thieves, who take advantage of a moment when drivers are busy storing their races for example, to take action. Installing a video surveillance system in a parking lot will allow you to prevent the following problems:

Accidents followed by leakage offenses

The car parks are the scene of many traffic accidents. These accidents are generally settled amicably, but when it is an accident involving a car and a pedestrian for example, it sometimes happens that the driver refuses to stop, which constitutes a hit and run. Installing a video surveillance system in your parking lot will allow you to help the police find the driver behind the wheel of the car involved.

Car thefts

Car thefts, whether done at night or in broad daylight, via threats to the driver, are very common in a parking lot. In addition, you may be accused of the lack of security in your installation in the event of theft, since the installation of a video surveillance system whose cameras are prominently placed in your parking lot, is enough to dissuade the majority of interested parties.

Illegal activities practiced on your parking lot

The car parks are places regularly targeted by dealers, gatherings for car or motorcycle races, or even for settling of scores. They are targeted because they are often less watched than other spaces. Installing a video surveillance system will therefore reduce the risk of your parking lot becoming the scene of criminal activities that could damage your image. Indeed, few customers will want to keep coming to your store if your parking lot becomes a hub of the drug deal in the region.

Why invest in a video surveillance system?

Burglaries and thefts: risks n ° 1

Whether you are a store owner, an individual or a hospital director, no matter how you manage your business in a sustainable and sustainable way despite the difficulties of life and the adversities of the market, thefts and burglaries will always be a threat to your activities which, if you do not anticipate it, will be a considerable obstacle to your development.

These days, it is the hardest blow that can be delivered to your home or store, and it is the one that, by its nature, will have long-term effects on your customers for example. It is also in the area of ​​theft and burglary that insurance is the most demanding and demanding, even dishonest. Indeed, forecasts in other risk sectors (natural hazard, accident, bankruptcy, etc.) are now more complete and effective. Insurance margins therefore depend greatly on thefts and their consequences.

Technical progress at the service of video surveillance

In parallel with the advent of the new risk of burglary as the main threat, advances and innovations in video surveillance have made it possible to achieve systems that are easy to use, reliable and durable.

CCTV cameras and their main monitor Wireless monitoring is a prime example. After a few beginnings, it is now the most effective to control, the one that requires the least maintenance, and the one that fits most discreetly into your infrastructure. Motion detectors complete the cameras, only triggering them in the event of an intrusion and therefore drastically reducing the number of images unnecessarily kept in your storage system. Your video surveillance systems can therefore now keep only the useful data, but indefinitely.

Lower and lower costs

The awareness of the need for cameras and technical innovations have led to an overall price reduction, proportional to the reduction in the workforce required for the installation and maintenance of video surveillance systems. Prices also and above all fell compared to the rise in insurance contributions and the fall in their compensation in the event of a claim. Installing a video surveillance system therefore becomes both cheaper and more profitable.

These advantages can only be fully enjoyed if the video surveillance system and security camera installation in Chicago is suitable for your needs. Technical progress and innovations do not replace the study of the best system for your home or store.

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